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6 dispensaries. 5 orphanages with 498 orphans, 2 Milan 1867, ordained in 1890, joined the Indian

homes for old women with 43 inmates. Fr. Van mission immediately and was appointed bishop 11

Ruytegem, directoi^ of the orphanage at I-chang, May, 19D9, succeeding Rt. Rev. Fietro Andrea

died in 1917 in attempting to save some children Vigano, retired, and transferred to the titular see

from drowning. of Ezani. The population of the diocese is 12,000,-

000, of whom 21,017 are Catholics. There are: 9416

Hyderabad-Decean, DiocaiSB op (Htderabadbnbis; catechumens, 20 European missionaries, 8 native

cf. C. E., VII-592c), erected in 1886, suffragan of priests, 8 seminarians, 98 churches and chapels, 17

Madras, India. The diocese is entrusted to the principal stations, 110 substations, 20 schools with

Foreign Missions of Milan, and the present bishop 605 cnildren, 6 orphanages with 317 orphans, 90

is Rt. Rev. Dionisio Vismara, M.E.M., bom in Sisters.