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the British and French since its capture irom the of Mary at Nuwara Eliya. St. Anthony's College

Germans in February, 1916. It has an area of at Kandy is under the Benedictines, and there are

191,130 square miles, and a population of 2,540,000. 24 lay teachers, with 85 boarders and a total of

The oresent vicar is Rt. Rev. Francis Hennemann, 460 pupils. St. Clement's Elementary School, with

P.8.M., titular Bishop of Coptos. During the a vernacular department for poor boys, has 58

absence of the vicar the administrator apostolic is pupils. The Sisters of the Good Shepherd have an

Rev. Jules Douvry, C.S.SP., appointed 3 February, English day and boarding school for girls at Kandy

1917. The vicariate was connded to the Pious with 345 pupils in the English school, 100 in the

Society of Missions, but during the war they were vernacular school, and 97 m the industrial school,

expelled and the vicariate was given in charge of and they also have charge of St. Scholastica's School

the Fathers of the Holy Ghost; this decision was for girls with 90 pupils. There are in the diocese:

renewed by Propaganda 26 June, 1920. Protestant 3 schools for boys with 245 pupils, and St. Maiy's

propaganda is very active in the vicariate, there School for girls with 80 pupils, at Ampitiya; an

Deing 7500 adherents to Protestantism before the elementarv school with 241 boys and an English

war. Catholics numbered 4489 and there were day and Doarding school, under the Sisters of St.

1396 catechumens, 16 priests, 9 churches and chapels, Francis Xavier with 162 girls, at Matale; a ver-

13 stations, 24 lay brothers, 21 Pallotin Fathers, 37 nacular school, under the Oblates of St. ^Ivester,

schools with 21^ boys, and 12 schools with 368 with 121 boys, and a vernacular school with 38

girls. These pre-war figures are the latest statistics eirls at Wahacotte; St. Mary's School with 151

available. Bovs and 39 girls at Nawalapitiya; Holy Cross

Samlenlec, Diocese of. See Kamenetz. School for boys with 34 pupils, at Hatton; St.

Kan-Chow. Vicariatb Apostolic of, erected 25 i^l^^^, ^n}Jx.&T^^^ August, 1920, by dismemberment of the former Pola; St. Francis Xavier s School, with 95 ^^

Vicariate Ap(U>lic of Southern Kianjj^i, and con- J/^fif &^?^^^^^^^^ ^t'^A tfin

fided to the Lasarists. This new vicariate com- 5' the Good Shepherd, with 83 girte, agd an m-

orifies the SireT d^ Kow-chow-fu. ^^^^^ vernacular school, under the Franciscan

SS^nSu, a5rNinj:\u^^^^^^^ S?T^^^^^^^

square miles. It takes its name from the principal ??'^'^;„fL'l??f^^ ^HhVcr^ife'

cfty, which is the residence of the vicar apostolic, f^ A^^'fel^Z^^o^ an^ iSil.^^^^^^

The administrator is Mgr. Dumond, tituW Bishop ^°^ a^ Enghsh (^yjjidhosidmg ^^^^^ "^^^er

of Curubis, and Vicar Apostolic of Maritime Chi-ll |^«^fX TWo ?^r^^«i?i^^^

The popidation of the vicariate is about 5,000,000 ^^^^ySlvP^^J! nrrS,^^^^^^

infidels, and 9287 Catholics. There are in the J?^, Walmcotte, orphanages for girls at Kandy,

vicariate: 8 Lasarists Fathers, of whom 3 are Euro- ^^l^^l^I,,^^^^^^ ^i^^Ml ^^Thi* Hi^li ^hL^'^S peans and 6 Americans: 9 Daughters of Charity, ^f"^ association at Kandy. The diocese has 36 both foreign and native'; 28 native Vinjins of 0^^ churches, 35 chapels, and 12 head stations. Lady of Good Counsel; 46 male teachers, 25 female Sansas (cf. C. E., Vin-^97c).— The State of teachers; 143 places visited once a year by mis- Kansas has an area of 82,158 square miles and flionaries; 8 stations, 7 churches, 19 public chapels, ranks thirteenth among the States of the Union. 12 oratories; 1 theological seminary with 13 semi- Economics.— In 1919 Kansas raised 69,362,000 narians; 1 preparatory seminary with 25 students; bushels of com with a value of $97,107,000; 151,- 25 schools tor boys with 819 pupils; 11 schools for 001,000 bushels of wheat with a value of $324,652,000. girls with 318 p pils; 1 orphanage for girls with The value of sorghums was $26,802,000; of tame 62 orphans; 7 catechumenates for men and boys hay, $71,211,000; oats, $32,287,000; of barley, $16,- with 318 catechumens; 6 catechumenates for women 200,000; Irish potatoes, $9319,000. Hie field prod- and girls with 154 catechumens; 5 dispensaries with ucts from 22,249,594 acres under cultivation had 21,123 remedies distributed and visits made to the a value of $442,091,198 in 1918. The value of sick during the year 1920-21 ; there were baptised animals slaughtered or sold for slaughter was $108,- 434 adult catechumens, 350 children of Christians, 073,032; poultry and eggs sold, $14,792,000; milk 3151 pagan children in danger of death. sold, $15,098,844; garden and horticultural products

Kandy, Dxocesb of (KANDnsNsis; cf. C. E., VHI- marketed, $4^061,009. The total value of faraa 696c), suffragan of Colombo, in the Islind of Products m 1918 reached, the sum of $592,017,250, Ceylon. Th2 present bishop is Rt. Rev. Bede J^^^^^* considering the live stock retained by the Beekmeyer, O.S.B., bom in 1873, elected 19 April, 1*™!^"*.^ "'x^^Tifil ^? ass^rs to the vahie of and coiiecrated 30 June. 1912. iicceeding Bishop ^361368,765. In 1918 the value of W producta Pagnani, who died 27 June, 1911. The area of the ^^^^^^^""^ aggregated $953,886,015, which was diocese is 6040 square miles, and the total popula- ^3^,345 in excess of 1917. u ^ <,i^ni^ni^,^

tion is 889,686, of whom 30,228 are Catholici. The , ^he annual salt Production is about 2^,000 diocese is confided to the Silvestrine Benedictines, barrels. Kansas ranks fourth in the production of who number 21 priests, and there are also 6 secular *^*^ ^^ '*°^- According to the Umted States priests and 1 Ji ~

India at Ampiti

feasors and 97 students: Rt. Rev. A. Pancmsi, ™f^™ proaucuon iiaa a vaiue oi O.S.B., is abbot of the Kandy monastery of Silver- ^^^^^^ 8*8 » value of $5,701,436. trine Benedictines, with a community of 25 monks, Kansas has 9383 miles of railroads on which a of whom 4 are scholastics and 3 lay brothers. At three-cent fare obtains. The Board of Railroad the monastery of the Oblates of St. Sylvester at Commissioners was succeeded in 1910 by the Public Wahacotte there are 3 Oblates and 2 postulants. Utilities Commission, and in 1920 the Industrial The Sisters of the Good Shepherd number 30, with Board was formed.

3 houses as Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, and Badulla. Population.-— The fourteenth Federal census of The Sisters of St. Francis Xavier, under the direc- 1920 gave 1,769,257 as the total population of the tion of the Mother Superior of the Sisters of the State's 105 counties: males, 909,221; females, 860,036. Good Shepherd, have 2 houses at Natale and There are sixty-two towns with a population of X^avalapitiya. There are 3 Franciscan Missionuriea more than 2500 each; seventeen of them have more