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is about 1300,000. In accordance with recognised Kew Antwerp, Vicapiate Apostolic of (NoViB

interpretation of school lawy Bible reading is not prac- ANTVERPiiE), Belgian Congo, was erected by a

tised in the public schools. decree of 3 April, 1919, by aismemberment of the

Religion.— According to the United States Census fonner vicariate of Belgian Congo, of which it kept

of Religious Denominations (1916), there were in t^© northern portion. It is entrusted to the Con-

the State 8742 Catholics or 64.1 per cent, of all church g^»^**o^ ^^ ***« Immaculate Heart of Mary of

members; 1207 Episcopalians or 7.5 per cent.; Scheut. The vicar Apostolic is Rt. Rev. Egidius de

3429 Latter Day Samts or 21.2 per cent.; 777 Metho- Boeck, C. C. I. M., titular Bishop of Aaotus, b.

dists or 4.8 per cent.; 601 Presbyterians or 3.1 per ? .*he Diocese of Malines, 13 November, 1876^ or-

cent.; 366 Baptists or 2.2 per cent. For furtner darned 1 July, 1900, nominated Vicar Apostohc of

educational and religious statistics see Salt Lake, New Antwerp^ 4 January, 1921. consecrated 8.May,

Diocese of; Sacramento, Diocese of. 1^1- He resides at New Antwerp. This vicariate,

Recent Legislation. -The kws passed by the ^^ST^? r^^'^i^ ^IS'^^j '^'^,/^%*^ ^^

Legiskture in the last decade provide for a State Bu- ?^r±°L^t^^!, "^t^^ H'^\ ^AT^^Sirf

real of Industry, Agriculture, and Irrigation, work- S**^^^"' ^^ll^^I" ii^^ ^T\i v^""* ^'^'

men's compensation; a juvenSe court, Industrial in- "^^tll^^^^ ft^^lTk ?^ Hf'^-L® ^JJ'^^a V* ^^

surance, in eight-tour requirement for working- S?il?!P4TKfl ^^^^ the Trapniste, 6 to the

women, non-partisan baUote in the election of t&e Sf\.rifi£« ' seminary for the trainmg of

judiciar]^, an inheritance tax, and the employment "*"^® pntsis.

of convict labor on roads. Woman Suffrage was -n^^ n^i^^^*^ tt a

adopted in 1914. The 1913 divorce law, requiring ,^^*^ r-?."^!*!,^*' /V^^S^'^ 4?of^"^ .°'

a niidence of one year in the State, was changed i5 (^ov^ Caledonia; cf . C. E., X--781c), comprises

1915 so as to exact only a six months' residenceln the Jfel ^''^ ♦S^-^^ a"^ ^^^^' °^ New Caledoma, in

State before filing the complaint. Oceania, with its dependencies the Isle of Pmes,

-. TT Tx • XL T^ T,T Belep, and Loyalty Islands. The population con-

Recbnt Hi8TORY.--During the European ^ar siste of 11,696 free French and 2310 of convict origin,

Nevada contributed 6106 soldiers or .14 per cent of 27,100 natives and 6224 foreigners of different nation-

the United States Army. The national guard joined alities. For twenty-five years (since 1897) the French

T .^,5*xT ^i^^^ at Camp ^mont, California, go vemment has ceased to send con victe to this colony,

In 1917 Nevada was the only State to furnish her go that in a few yeara there will be none of this origin,

draft quota for entramment without cost to the The vicariate is entrusted to the Marist Fathers.

Government. The summary of casualties among Rt. Rev. Claude-Marie Chanrion, S.M., titular

Nevada men of the Amencan Expeditionary Forces Bishop of Chariopolis, b. in the Diocese of Lyon, 6

IS MfoUows: deceased, 6 officers, 66 men: prisoners, October, 1866, was appointwi pro-vicar apostolic in

1 officer and 2 men; wounded, 6 officers and 170 men. July, 1905, and vicar apostolic of New Caledonia, 25

Mareh, 1906. He resides at Noumea. There are in

KeverSy DiocEBB of (Nivernensis) . — In 1910 the vicariate: 31 parishes with missions, 102 churches

Mgr. Pierre Chatelus was consecrated Bishop of or chapels, 41 regular orieste, 36 Brothers, 2 sem-

Nevers to succeed Mgr. Ganthey, promoted to the inarians in Australia, 1 nome of the Little Sisters of

Archdiocese of Besangon. He was bom at St. the Poor with 11 Sisters and 70 inmates. There are

Tomain-le-Puv, diocese of Lyons, 27 November, about 1400 pupils in the European public schools, and

1864; was orcfained in 1878; was rector of the basilica about 600 pupils in the free schools. The native

Foruof vi^re in 1893, and pastor of the Church of St. Catholics who attend the schools of their mission

Francis de Bales in Lyons when he was appointed to number about 600. Public hospitals admit the

the see of Nevers. ministry of priests. The Conference of St. Vincent de

In 1922 the diocese numbered 309 parishes, 313 f^^^ and the LadiM of Charity are associations of «ie

secular and 6 regular priests, 16 secularized brothera ?'^>'-„ P"^® P^^^J""^^^ ^Jp*^° 4^ fj^^^ ^5*^0-

300 sisters, 1 convent of men and 24 of women, **?"?' « Published here. The agncultural products

2 seminaries with eleven professors and 22 seminarians %{^\ ^°*?"y *i® ^2°^' °i*"!L ®"^^. ^^^^ ^*^"* in the higher seminary and 32 in the preparatory 2600 tons), and others. All the mmmg companies seminary, 3 coUeges for boys with 36 professors and ^^ French, with the exception of one Anglo-Amer- 630 stuaents, 6 academies for girls with 33 teachers ^^^^*

and 450 pupils, 88 elementary schools with 200 to-^^ «..,4*^« n tr *

teachers and 6800 pupils, 1 home for the aged, 1 "?T r?"S*®*^ ^2i'??^»T>^^^^^?^ Apostolic

insane asylum, and 1 day-nursery. SfJ («^^- C- E., X—784d); Papua, Oceania. Mb-.

o . . •*i. J * • i. Au J Navarre, who resigned m 1908, was succeeded by the

^ests are permitted to visit the prisons and one present Vicar Apostolic, Rt. Aev. Alain Gu>Tiot de

lyc^. Amongst the clergy there is the Association goismenu, titular bishop of Gabala. About 200 of

of St. Augustme to care for aged and mfirm pn«ts the Catholic population of 8436 are Australians, the

and the League for Religious Defense to support the remainder being Papuans. The unhealthy cliiAate,

nghte of the clergy before civil tribunals and to defend the uncivilized conditions of the country, the childish

their reputation when attacked by the press. Amongst and primitive character of the natives and the Eras-

the laity there are many professional, commercial, tian policy of the Australian Government are among

charitable and social associations. There is a Catholic ho ««„««; «,KiV.h ,\«no^o «.n««.,a o^-«o;«« a * ♦kS

ttariLaoie ana social associauons. 1 nereis a i^atnoiic the causes which impede reUgious expansion. At the ewspaper. La Craix du Nxvemavs, pubhshed fort- present time there a^ 12 parishes, 37churehc8, 27 igntly. missions, 1 convent for men, 1 for European and 1

news ni



MMaille MUilairef two the Croiz de la Legion d'Hon- among the laity.

neur. The diocese lost fifteen seminarians and five

prieste. The event of greatest importance in Nevers New Guinea, Dutch, Vicariatb Apostolic or;

since 1910 was the apostolic process of beatification (cf. C. E., X--784d), consisting of the Duteh islands

and canonization of Bemadette Soubirous, whose between 126 30' and 141 '^ east L., W., Halmaheira,

body reposes there in the Mother-house of the Sisters Ternate, Tidore, Coram, Ambon, Banda, Kei, Aroe,

of Chanty and Christian Instruction. Tenimbar, and Dutch New Guinea. The mi8S»<»u in