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cational institutions include 2 colleges for men with merly. There are at present (1921) 64 professed

35 professors and 400 students, 8 high schools, 8 choir relisious, 40 professed lay sisters, and 11 novices,

academies with an attendance of 1216. There are The number of deceased religious is 118. Among the

3 Catholic homes and 13 hospitals maintained in the notables recently deceased are: Mother St. Ange

diocese and 4 of the public institutions admit the (Ad^le Cohanec)^. 1900 during her term as superior

priests to minipter in them. The Eucharistic League general; Sister Theresa of Jesus (Emilie Corbel),

assist- Salaun),

pul>iished in Pekin, Ulinbis. superior at Brest, d. 1919; Sister Marie St. Louis

(Sophie Guitard), former assistant, local superior,

Perignenx Diocese of (Petrocoricensis, cf. ana mistress of novices, d. 1921; Mother St. Jean

C. E., XI — 668a), comprises the department of Baptiste (Am^lie Lefort), former superior general,

Dordogne, France, and is suffragan to the Arch- diamond jubilarian in 1920, d. 1921.

diocese of Bordeaux. On 1 January, 1915, Bishop „^^,,^,, w-i,* c. ^« n r / * /-. n

Henri-Louis-Prosper Bougouin died, after filling this ^f^^^ ^t?P' Sisters of Our Lady (cf . C. E.,

see from 1906, and was succeeded by Rt. Rev. Marie- XI— 6?9a) .—The rules and constitutions of the con-

Louis-Mauric4 Riviere. Bishop Riviere was pro- Kregation were approved by diocesan authority, 2

moted to the Archdiocese of A« 9 July, 1920, and the {Wi ^^^' ^ ^^ ^^^^ ?^ J^*^ y^ ^^^ founder,

present incumbent, Rt. Rev. Christophe-Louis Abb6 Brousseau, was made honorary canon of the

Legasse, came to the see. 13 August, 1920. Bom at metropohtan church of Quebec by Carchnai Tas-

' BaS^ry, diocese of Bayonne, in 1859, Bishop ^^!;f "' ^^^^^^ ^f ^11^' }^a T^^'J?^^^

Le^ ^ made a prelate of the Holy See in 1899, Mother St. Bernard, cfied 30 April 1918. The

PrKApo5»tolic of St, Pierre and Miquelon the .same Pff nt supenor gener^ is Sister ^t Helen elected

vear, and Bishop of Oran 6 December. 1915. During 21 JiJy, 1919, to succeed Sister St. Isidore. A house-

the T^orld War tiiis diocese contributed large numbers keeping school was built in 1913, and a newhouse

rians were wounded and numerous

medals of honor were conferred upon those who Perpignan, Diocese of (Perpinianum; cf..

served. ^ .,_ ,. , ^. /.n^^Ax r C. E., XI—TOOb), suffragan of Albi, France. The

The diocese has a Catholic population (1920) of present bishop is Rt. Rev. Jules-Marie-Louis de

437,432 and by 1921 statistics it comprises 738 par- fcarsalade du Pont, b. 1847, ordained 1871, conse-^

'•ihes, 637 churchcF, 2 monastenef for men and 26 for crated bishop 1900, succeeding Bishop Gaussail,.

women, 555 secular pnests, 6 regulars, 2 eemman^, deceased. He celebrated his sacerdotal golden jubilee

100 seminarians, 2 secondary schools for boys with ^ 1921 in the BasUica of St. Jean, in the presence of

The Cathohc popula-

' whom 39,510 are in

197 succursals and

v^. . w. «... ^^« -712b) , has an area of about

628,000 square miles and a population of about

Perjury (cf C E XI— 696d).— If anyone 8 to 10 millions. Of the three million nomads,

testifying in an ecclesiastical court commits perjury there are about 260, OOOAi^s, 720, OW Turks, 675,-

he is to be punished by a personal interdict if he be- 000 Kurds and Leks, 20,700 Baluchis and GypejM,

longs to the laity, or by suspension if he is a cleric. 234,000 Lurs. The Europeans number aboutl200. principal ciLies are xeneran, wivn over ^ib\/,vRJU

Perpetual Adoratioily Sisters of tbe (cf. C. E., inhabitants, Tabriz, with 200,000; Ispahan end XI — 698b). — This congregation has its mother-house Kermansha with 80,000 each, at Quimper, FinLst^re, France, and has another Recent History. — ^Under the Anglo-Russian foundation at Brest, from 130 to 140 poor orphans Treaty of 1907 the whole of northern Persia was. being cared for in each. The number of children declared to be within the Russian sphere of influence; educated by the Sisters from the foundation of the the British controlled the southeastern comer, while institute to the present is about 2600. The difiicul- the rest of the Central and Southern parts were ties of the last twenty years have made impossible the declared to be neutral. After the fall of Mohammed extension of the work of the congregpition. The Ali in 1909, a regency was appointed and the Mejliss. establishment of a new foundation requires a rather assembled. The state of affairs was so bad that ir- important centre in view of the twofold end of the 1911 Mr. W. Morgan Shuster, an American financial institute: the perpetual adoration of the Blessed adviser* selected by President Taft, was invited to Sacrament and the education of children. On 27 take charge of the finances of Persia. He refused to Mirch, 1874, the congregation received a decree of recognize the Anglo-Russian agreement, and thereby approbation from Rome. In 1895, an important antagonized Russia who planned series of inter- annex was constructed to accommodate lady board- ventions in the administration, and forced the dis- ers. Mother St. Barthelemy, elected superior in missal of Shuster after eight months, by an ultimatum, 1901, actively and firmly resisted during her admin- which was approved by Great Britain. After his istration the measures of the Government which departure Persia relapsed into anarchjr. wished to recognize the Sisters as a teaching congre- Though Persia remained neutral during the Great gation and in 1908 secularized the school attached to European War, her territory was invaded near Mount the orphanage. She was succeeded in 1916 by Mother Ararat by the Russians and Turks in 1914. In- Marie of the Precious Blood, the tenth and present decisive fighting occured intermittently for many superior general. On 20 September, 1921, the Sisters months between the Russians under Baratoff based celebrated the centenary of the foundation of the upon Tabriz and the Turks based upon Bagdad, orphanage. According to the prescriptions of the At the end of 1916 the Turks held Hamadar which new Code of Canon mw, perpetual vows are taken however, they lost to Russia in 1917. At the with- at the end of three or six years, instead of ten as for- drawal of the Russian forces the Turks entered Persia,