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Smith-Lever Act in relation to vocational education the World W^ ^ priesU and one lay brother served

was passed, and another, granting State aid to towns at the front in the Italian army, whicn established courses in vocational education. ^.^^ ««^^ t^ /tx « 

Provisions were made the next year for State aid to rJ^^^^^^^' vSi^?'^ ^' ^P*^ r^®?*St^

crippled and injured children under the supervision S"^J ®^- ?'. '« " *lv'4^ ™,«***« ^^ ^

of ^e Commissioner of PubUc Schools. Paub Bwsil, is suffragan of S&o Paulo. It isgovemed

At the same time a division of Child Welfare was ' by Rt. Rev. AJberto-Jos6 Goncalyes, first birfiop,

created in the State Board of Health and the cause of *>. 20 July, 1869. ordajned 17 September, 18^; he

Americanization promoted by the establishment of afvedasrectorofCuntvba where he constructed t^^

free night schools for the purpose of teaching English. «*^"«5*\ now used as the Cathedral, became yicar

Bible fading is neither p^mut^ nor excludediiiSSe ^^ of the diocese, a deputy and president of the

Dublic school There ore enrolled in Brown Univer- Chanaber of Parana, federal senator for Parana,

Ity 89 pToiea^TS and teachers and 1349 studente. "ecretary to the Brazil^ Senate from 1896-19C^

Tlie appropriation for teachers' salaries for both Proihonotary apostolic 23 August, 1897, decorated

elementiiy and secondary schools in 1918 was T^^^^^^^^ ^''^'^ .ti^^^* ^PP^JS^

$2^69,668; for graded and high schools, $33,000. « December, 1908, consecrated 2 February 19(».

,6uNi.AY'LAwl^unday cScertsof' a i^ous, S^. Ji"J.^ *^«i^<><«r ^^^^^^

rhTin tr^?;^?^£ n^ TntnV^ ^ PUJP^; a totel pop^ation of 800,000 of whom

o'clock in the afternoon on Sunday. In 1919 laws, only 1000 are non-Cathohc.

were passed licensing professional athletic games, Bichmond, Diocbbe of (Richmondiensis), com-

thus eliminating the trouble caused by the defunct prises an area of 34308 square miles in the States

Sunday laws. of Virginia and West Virginia, U. S. A. Rt. Rev.

Recent Legislation and Histort.— In 1912 a Augustine Van* De Vyver died 16 October, 1911,

Public Utilities Commission was created, also a and was buried on the twenty-second anniversary

He Rev.

. , ^ . ^_ , _ ^ diocese

hours and conditions of working women and children ^^q had been consecrated titular Bishop of Sebaste were regulated. On 17 April Rhode Island granted and auxiliary to the Bishop of San Aancisco, 24 prenderUial suffrage to tD<nnen, the first state in the December, 1908, and who was installed as Bishop East to do so. It was decided at the same time of Richmond, 19 March, 1912, in the presence of that a person over twenty-one years of age could not Cardinal Gibbons, several archbishops and bishops, unreasonably neglect to support parents who were the Governor of Virginia, the Mayor and other no- destitute without fault of their own. The lease of tables. Bishop O'Connell was bom in Donough- priwn labOT to private contractore was forW^ ^0^, Ireland, 1849, ordained 1877, appointed a The State Board of lAbor was created m 1919. The prelate of the Holy See 1887, served as rector of Federal Suffrage Amendment was ratified on 6 the American CoUege, Rome, and later of the Cath- Januarv, 1920; the State refused to ratify the ^i^^ University at Washington which position he Federal Prohibi^on Amendment, June, 1919. f^n^ ^^gn called to the episcopacy. The diocese

Dimng the European War Rhode Island con- y^ n^^de remarkable progress under the able admin-

tributed 16,861 soldiers to the Umted States Army jgtration of Bishop O^Connell; additional religious

C46percent). Asuithe caseof allmenfromNew h^^g ^een brought into this territory, many new

Endand, the Rhode Island soldiere jomed either the churches have been built, parishes established and'

26th or 76th Division at Camp Devens, Maffla- g^h^ols erected, noteble among these, the Sacred

chusette. The summwy of casualties of Rhode ^^^^ Cathedral School which is in keeping with

Mand. members of the American Expeditionary the majestic cathedral itself.

Foree is as follows: deceased, 16 ^cera, 340 men; ^pon the entrance of this country into the World

pnsonere, 35 men; wounded, 42 officera, 1130 men. ^^^ the bishop placed every diocesan and parish

At the end of the wjur a boniw was granted to aU organization at the disposal of the President, and

veterans of the war by the legislature. ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ A^^^^ ^^ Catholic

Shodes, Prefecture Apostolic op (Rhodien- youth was enlisted in the service. The priests sta- sis; cf. C. E., I— 791c; XIII— 24c), comprises the tioped at or near the various army and navy posts, Island of Rhodes and adjacent islands, and is the did valiant work as volunteer chaplains; particular seat of a titular archbishopric united to the see of mention should be given to the work of the Oblate Malta (q. v.). The prefecture is confided to the Fathers, who, upon the inviUtion of Bishop Franciscans. The first prefect apostolic was Rt. Rev. O'Connell and financed by the Knights of Columbus, Andrea Felici, O.F.M., who died in 1911. He was established headquarters for five chaplains who at- succeeded by Rt. Rev. Ignatius Beaufais, O.F.M., tended Jamestown naval base, St. Helena Train- and in 1920 Rt. Rev. Bonaventura Rossetti was ing Station at Berkley, Virginia Beach rifle range, named prefect, succeeding Beaufais. The prefecture the Naval hospital and the Marine barracks at is now vacant, Rt. Rev. Rossetti having died 12 Portsmouth as well as various warships and trans- August, 1921. Statistics for 1921 report: 2 churches, ports in the Hampton Roads district. The Knights 3 convents for men. 1 for women , 4 regular priests, of Columbus of Virginia did splendid work both 2 lay brothers, 1 college for boys with 10 teachers ana at home and abroad, and a home established by 200 studente, 1 for girls with 7 teachers and 155 stu- them in conjunction with the McGill Catholic dento, 1 elementary school with 5 teachers and 102 Union, in Richmond, became the centre of patriotic pupils, 1 commercial school with 5 teachers and 70 activities for all Richmond Catholic societies. As pupils^ 1 orphanage, 1 refuge in the course of con- an example of the consistently fine work done struction, and a Catholic population of 1000 souls, throughout the diocese we may take the records The island came under the Italian dominion in 1912: of the Catholic Club of Portemouth which show they erected Italian schools both elementary and that on New Year's day, 1919, dinners were served tecnnical in charge of the Christian Brothers. During to 3500 uniformed men. il