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8&0 Carlos do Pinbal, Diocesb of (Sancti with 5000 Catholics in Portuguese Guinea: 35 parishes,

Carou Pinhalbnbis; cf. C. E., XIII — 465b), in 8 of which arc in Guinea, 24 parishes and 25 churches

Brazil, sufifragan of Sfto Paulo. The first and present in the archipelago and 38 chapels 4 of which are in

incumbent is the Rt. Rev. Jos6 Marcondes Homem Guinea,

de Mello, who has administered the see since 1906. a-««ft n,r*r«.«« ^« m^-^^^r^T^ g.«»Am»«T<ms

tains 28 pansnes. suffragan of Scutari. TTie present administmtor is

Sfto Lnlz de O&ceres, Diocese of (Sancti t^® R*- R®v« George Koletsi, b. at Kalmeti, 28 Jan.,

Aloysii de Cacereb; cf. C. E., XIII^465b) in 1868, elected 21 Sept.. 1911, publish^ 30 Nov.,

Brazil, suffragan of Cuyaba. The present incumbent following. He succeeded the Rt. Rev. James

is the Rt. Rev. Pierre-Louis Galibert of the Third Serecci, who was promoted. Accprtog to ttie statis-

Order of Franciscans, b. at LasfaiUades, France, 31 Jics of 1920 the chocese contamed: 20^120 Cathdics,

December, 1877, ordamed 24 June, 1902, went as a 25 parishes of which thurteen are without pMrtprs,

missionary to Brazil, August, 1904, elected 15 Mareh 6J. church^ and chapels, 1 convait of tiie Fnars

1915, consecrated 15 August, pubHshed 6 December Mmor at Trosciam, 17 secular pnests and 3 regulars,

following, to succeed Rt. Rev. Modesto >uguste s^pvoto. Prefecture Apobtouc of, in Japan.

M'J^J^w.rT^!i' «.^r "'^ ' ""^^"^ ^' wiTSSt^ Sl9irThe present Plef^t ApostoUo

able for this diocese a^ yet. ^ j^^ Wenceslaus Kinold, b. F. M. The CiSolics

Bfto Luiz do Maranhao/ DiocEBB of: (cf. C. number 1450 Japanese, who are looked after by

E., XIII— 465), in Brazil, suffragan of Bd^m de 10 Francisc^ missionary pnests and 2 lay brothers.

Par*. The present bishop is Mgr. Helvetius Gomez There are 10 churches. 14 missions, 9 stations. 1

de Oliveira, a member of the Salesians, who was bom convent for men and 2 for women, 1 8em^la^y with 8

at Anchieta. Brazil, on 19 February, 1876; was ap- alumni, 1 asylum, and 1 Cathohc weekly,

pointed to the see of Corumba on 15 February, 1918, ^ ^ • ^^

and transferred to Sfio Luiz on 18 June following. ^"*?,^^ 6???^'i^u^ of (Cbbai^ugubtanen-

The diocese has 54 parishes: 130 churches, 4 convents sib; cf. C.E.,XIII--468b.),m Spain. His Eminence

for men and 7 for women; 45 priests, of whom 28 Cardinal Juan Soldeyda y Romero has filled this see

are secular; 2 seminaries with 65 seminarians, 1 anoe 16 December, 1901., Born at Fuente ^ Pena,

girl's college with 20 teachers and 100 students; 2 ^ t^e dioce^ of Zamora m 1843, he studied at the

asylums, 1 hospital, 1 day nursery, and a Catholic seminanes of VaUadohd, Tuy and CompostcUa; he

union of worfingmen with 800 members. The served as a pastor at VaUadohd, became a canon of

population of the diocese is about 890,000. Brazilian, Orense and secretary to, the bishop, then a canon

Portuguese, French, English, Italians and Germans, imdarohpnestof VaJladohaMd wasapoomtedBish^^^

The late bishop Mgr. Francisco de Paula Sflon, who of Taragona 14 FebruMy, 1889, which see he fiUcd

died on 4 June, 1918, was the most gifted orator imtil his promotion . Hewasmaxie a cardinal pnest

among the Brazdian bishops. 15 December, 1919. He is assisted by an auxihary.

'Rt. Rev. Miguel Diaz y Gomara, titular Bishop of

8&0 Paulo, Archdiocebb of (Sanch Pauu in Thagora. The arehdiooese covers an area of 7879

Brasilia; cf. C. E., 465d), in Brazil. The present sq. m. and embraces a Catholic population of 475,614;

administrator is the Most Ilev. Leopoldo Duarte e 380 parishes, 9 filialparishe8,<852prieBt8, 429 churches,

Silva who has administered the diocese since 1908. 476 chapels, 4 seminaries and 84 convents, with 334

According to the statistics of 1920 the Archdiocese religious and 1363 Sisters,

contains: 1,800,000 Catholics, 35,000 Protestants, „ ^ ^ « ^

12,000 infidels, 44 parishes, 500 churches and chapels, Baratow, Diocese of. See Tirabpol.

270 secular pnesto, 318 regulars, 16 orders of men in oaruin^ t>to^«o« ^« /a. »«.,«* «-««=. «f r« tt

32 houses, 21 con^regati^ of women in 46 houses xm!!^?i?^ T?^lv «,ff.^^ ^'^l

and 5 colleges. In ms a faculty of philosophy was ^™;;;*Z&\:i^y'p7^5^ AL\^^i^^

founded at the university under the Erection of the l^^'l^^^Z IflVv ?^W^J'i«S Tn^^^iT^'

Benedictines. ?Af«* Scavohno, Italy ,29 June, 1856, elected 1 July ,

1916, consecrated 22 September, published 7 Decern- Sfto Salvador de Bahla de Todos ob Santos, ^r following, succeedmg the nt. Rev. Eugenio Archdiocese of (Sancti Salvatoris omnium Giambro who was transferred. According to the Sanctorum; cf. C. E. XII — i66a), in Brazil. On statistics of 1920 the diocese contained 32,000 20 October, 1913, the dioceses of Barra, Caetite and Catholics, 54 parishes, 120 churches and chapels, Ilheos were taken from the archdiocese of Sfto Sal- 76 secular prieste and 36 se min a ri a n s, vador on which they depended. The present in- cumbent is Most Rev. Jerome Thom6 da Silva, b. at Sassari, Archdiocese of (cf. C. E., XIII— Sobral, Brazil, 12 June, 1849, ordained 21 December, 485a), in Sardinia. Italy. The present adminis- 1872, elected bishop of Belem de Para, 26 June, 1890, trator is the Most Rev. Cleto Cassani. b. at Vailate, consecrated 26 October, following, promoted 12 Sep- I<»ly» 8 September, 1866, elected auxiliary Bishop of tember, 1893, enthroned 28 February, 1894. Accord- Sassari, 19 January, 1911, promoted 5 January, ing to the statistics of 1920, the archdiocese contains 1^17, published 22 March following. He succeeded 1,050,000 inhabitante, 9 congregations of men with the Most Rev. Emilio Parodi, who died 20 December, 18 houses and 180 religious, 7 congregations of women l^^^- According to the statistics of 1920 the arch- with 20 convente ancf 220 Sisters. diocese contained: 132,200 Catholics, 35 panahes,

123 churches and chapels, 117 secular and 41 regular

Sfto Thlago de Oabo Verde. Diocese of (Sancti priests, 17 brothers, and 69 Sisters. Jacobi Capitm ViRmis; cf. C. E^ XIII — 467a), in

the Cape Verde Archipelago, suffragan of Lisbon. Sanlt Salnte Marie, Diocese of (Sanctjb Mablb-

The present bishop is Rt. Rev. Jose Alves Martins. Ormensis; cf. C. E., Xlll— 487c), in Canada. The

b. at Verga, Portugal, 22 March, 1874, ordained Rt. Rev. David Joseph Scollard, the first adminis-

18 July, 1897, elected 10 March, 1910, published trator of the diocese, is the present incumbent. Ac-

27 November, 1911. According to the statistics of cording to the statistics of 1922 the diocese contains:

1920^e diocese contained 147,000 inhabitante with 50.000 Catholics, including 5500 Indiana, 35 secular

143,000 Catholics in the archipelago, and 300,000 pneste, 33 regulars, 87 churches, 40 parishes, 72