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women, 1 club for young men, 1 asylum for the S^s, Diocese of (Sagiensis; cf. 0. E., XIII— blind, I for the deaf and dumb, House of Mercy 68 Id), comprises the Department of Onne, France, for incurables conducted by the Sisters of St. Eliza- and is suffragan to Rouen. The diocebii is dividea

3 houses of correction, 3 homes and 11 day nur- at Flers and S6ez. The present bishop is Rt«,Rev.

seriea The ministry of priests is permitted in all Claude Bardel, b. 1851, preconized titular Bishop of

public institutions. In addition to the religious Parium and auxiliary of Cardinal Boyer, Archbisnop

orders that already had foundations in the diocese, of Bourges, in 1894, named Bishop of S6ez, 1897,

the following have been established since 1912: assistant at the pontifical throne 1918.

Jesuits at Graz, Brothers of Mary at Graz, Pious « . ^ ,« • ^ « ,.^^^

Workers of St. Joseph Calasanctius at Deutsch- f;g?J' Diocese of (Segninsis; cf. C. E., XIII

Goritz, Sons of the Sacred Heart at Messendorf, T^^)^!^..^^^^"i?® ?( ^^S?®' ^^^ directly under

Sisters of the Good Shepherd at Graz, Dominicans the jurisdiction of the Holy See. The prMent mcum-

at Gleisdorf, School Sisters at Wildon with a bent is the Rt. Rev. Angelo Mana Sinib^^

mother-house at Algersdorf near Graz (26 ga^ignano. Spam, 14 Aprd, 1846, elected titular

branches). Daughters of the Divine Love at Maria- Pr'^^^'R f .^^""'P^' ^^P?«®'?^^t' ^?2f^"^S'-^i^2

trost, and Daukhtera of the Divine Redeemer at ofVelletn tmnsferred 16 April 1916, publishea.6

Grafenegg. Orders estabhshed in the diocese prior 5?^^/ ^S^^^^J^ T'im'^^ q*^?T- ^r^TSS

to 1912 have opened new houses at the following S'^.'to^lSr^?!,^?'^^^^

pUices: Franciscans at Tieschen,and the Capuchins "^^^ IM^ Catholics,, 12 panshes, 34 churchy 63

at Graz and Mittersdorf. Ailiong the clergy 8 «cular and 18 reguUr pnests, 8 Brothers, and 27 Sis- assooiations have been established and in every

parish a number of societies and associations are Segorbt (or Caotbllon de La Plana), Diocese

formed among the laity. Two daily Catholic news- ^p (Segobiensis; cf. C. E., XIII-«84i5), in the

papers, 4 weekliM, and 9 monthliM are pub ish^ ecclesiastical province of Valencia, Spam. The

m the diocese The following distinguished clergy- present bishop is Mgr. Luis Joe^ Amigo y Ferrer,

men have lately died: Dr. Anton Griessl, Provost fcapuchin, bom at MasamagreU, Arch<fiocese o^

of the Cathedral, for many years director of the Valencia, 17 October, 1854, novice at Bayonne 1874,

diocesan semmary, and a well known writer on ordained 1879, founder of a congregation of Our

Canon law, and Rt. Rev. Mgr. John Graus a Lady of Sorrows to educate abandoned children,

writer on ecclesiastical art and editor of "Der elected titular bishop of Thagaste 18 Ajfril, 1907,

Kirchenschmuck. and administrator of Solsona, consecrated in Madria

8.«iUri»iUoii (cf. C. E.. Xra-677d).-Religiou8 ^.^S* Jf °&.nI?°rfSI!li* I'^^U^^ ^

who become aecularired ar^ freed from their vo^ of Stf f«^S;,W,!rS?L'*^^^A-„«^ ?a?7^*hl

reUgion, but not from the obli«»tioii8 incurred if and ^Iffi^rlf Jh^ P^„rnf i^S^Kk^lii^f *^*

wKaU ♦Kftv MkOAi'va^i vnoi^^v ^tA^^ i?^*«v«A*Ur ^ix^^, traiislation ox the remains oi Venerable isonuacio

TwS ^f m^l Jv»nZ oil nten«. STJhl^hi^^J^ Fen«'. bother of the apostle St. Vincent Ferrer, on

but ato oh^nceT^ue fte^ ^iSus^w *« ^^ eentenary of Ek death and to pmy for the

rafe»^"^;Sd^rlSr'5i5ii?^'£jT^ ^^jt'^.^'.^^^^j^j^z^i^^^,^

of women, 2

regular priests,

^minanans, 1

11 ne nas lost tnose ngnts, ne cannot exercise his Y^'J^'i '"* ^^j", « •-'• .o--^ * "TT^^'^'^.^^^^JzJ^^A

sacred orders after leaving his institute untU some i?L^®°^?°^ ,^^^V^*o ^ msfeructors aiid

bishop consents to receiveliim or the Holy See pro- 9500 Pupils, 1 asylum. The Government contributes

vides otherwise. A bishop may receive such are- M® ^^^^ ""l ""fl^^iw- *^e elementwy schools,

ligious unconditionaUj, in which case he is thereby Besid^ ecclesiastical bulletins, two rehgious papers

incardinated in the diocese; or he may admit him on ^^ pubiisnea.

probatwn for three years, or even six but not for naore; segovla, Diocese op (Sboovibnsis: cf. C. E!, when the term of probation ends, if he has not been xill-^84c), in Spain, suffragan of Valladolid. The dismissed he is by the very fact incardmated in the present bishop is the Rt. Rev. Manuel de Castro y diocese. The restnctions placed on seculanzed Alvuso, b. at VaUadolid, 16 April, 1863, elected bishop relinous, mentioned m C. E., XIII--678c, are prac- ^f j^ca 28 October, 1913, published 25 May, 1914, ticaDy unchanged, except that m the first case they transferred 9 July, 1920. rfe succeeded the Rt. Rev! are prohibited from receiving benefices only, not j^^^i Gandaflegui y Garrochategui, who was pro- offices, while the ^th remUatiOT^limitmg tiie place n^^ted. Acc^mg to the statistics of 1920 there are of residence la omitted. The restnctions, however, j^ ^he diocese 80,500 CathoUcs, 311 parishes, 361 are extended to those who have been dispensed from churches, 205 chapels, 363 priests, 28 convents with their temporary vows, or oaths of perserverance, or ^ religious and 90Si8ter8. an^r special promises made according to their consti- ^

tutions, provided they had been thus bound for six Sehna^ Diocese op (Sehanensis; cf. C. E.,

complete years. Those who leave their institute on XIII— 687b), a Chaldean see in Persia. The present

the completion of the period of their temporary vows administrator is the Rt. Rev. Jean Nissan, b. at

or who are secularized or dismissed can claim nothing Dehoc, Turkey in Asia, in 1880, elected July, 1914,

for their work while in the institute. If, however, a published 8 September, confirmed by a brief of the

nun or sister who was received without a dowry has Propaganda 15 September following. Statistics for

not sufficient means to support herself, the institute 1920 give: 900 Chaldean Catholics, 2 churches, 3 sec-

is bound in charity to give her the expenses of her ular prieste and 1 school, journey home and enough to enable her to live

respectably for some time; the amount is to be agreed Seminanr (cf. C. E., XIII — 694b). — ^Every semi-

upon mutually, or in case of disagreement it is to be narv is to have two advisory boards, one for discipline

fixed by the focal ordinary. and one for the administration of property; each board