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sauare miles and its population numbers 8,429,021, nineteen yearly scholarships which were sent by the

oi whom 51,674 are native Catholics, with 120 clergy and faithful of the United States proved of

European and 500 Japanese. The present vicar great benefit to the vicariate.

Apostolic is the Rt. Rev. Gustav Charles Marie

Mutel of the Foreign Missions of Paris, b. at Blume- S«raJevo (Sarajevo ob Ubhbosna), Archdiocbsb

1890. and made vicar apostolic of Corea, consecrated country with Herzegovina, was annexed to Austria-

21 Sept.. following and named vicar apostolic of Hungary in 1908, and was the scene of the murder of

Seoul 8 April, 1911, made assistant to the pontifical the Austrian Prince Francis Ferdinand which started

throne, 24 May, 1921. On 20 Aug., 1920. Rt. the European war and resulted in the dissolution of

Rev. Emile Alexander Devred was named coadjutor the Empire and the joining of Bosnia-Herzegovina to

with the right of succession. According to the the new kingdom of Jugoslavia. The first archbishop

statistics of 1922 the vicariate apostolic is divided of Serajevo, Dr. Joseph Stader, b. at Brod, diocese

into 40 districts and has 612 stations, 156 churches, of Sirmium (Diakovar), 14 January. 1843, professor

24 European missionaries, 26 native priests, 15 of theology at Zagreb, was elected 18 November,

catechists, 1 Benedictine abbey (12 monks, 12 1881, consecrated 30 November following, died 8

preparatory seminary, 57 students. The secondary Travmck 22 Sept., 1871, canon of the metropolitan, schools are: 54 parochial schools for boys (2122 pupils) elected titular bishop of Csesaropolis 8 April . 1908 , and 13 parochial schools for girls (1254 pupils); 1 agncul- consecrated 28 May foDowing. Canon John Koscak tural and industrial school, conducted by the Bene- died in 1915. Manan Congregations are forbidden in dictines (35 pupils). The Sisters of St. Paul of the schools by the new Government. The Catholic Chartres have charge of 2 orphanages, with 293 population (1921) numbers 240,00^ of whom 230,000 orphans. There are also two dispensaries. During are Croats, the rest Germans, Hungarians, Bohe- the year 1921, 5462 persons were baptized, including mians, Poles and Rumanians. There are 93 parishes 1015 adults, 2502 children of Christians and 1360 (40 ot which are entrusted to Franciscans), 105 children of pagans, and 36,318 Easter communions churches, 7 convents of men, 18 of women, 79 secular were made. In the government hospitals, priests and 96 regular priests, 15 lay brothers, 2 seminaries are permitted to visit the sick and to administer the d at Serajevo for the entire province of Bosnia- sacraments, but they are not permitted to visit the Herzegovina under the Jesuits), with 197 seminarians, Eublic institutions. Every year a double retreat 1 college for boys with 70 students, 6 for mrls with rings together the European and the native clersy 200 students, 1 home for the aged poor, 2 hospitals, and also whenever a synod is held. A montluy 11 day nurseries, 1 association for the cler^. Marian Latin review edited by the Superior of the Seminary Congregations and the Third Order of St. Francis for is published for all the clergy of the Corean missions, the laity exist in nearly all parishes. Four papers are A fortnightly review in Corean is printed at Seoul, published and the Government gives part support to In 1917 occured the death of the pro-vicar Rev. Catholic institutions.

Father Douoet, who for forty years labored with un- a^^%^^ n*^.*.. »^a ai^»«..^ rr o

tiring zeal for t\ie propagation of the Faith. During ^ ^^ ^®*^ "^ Slovenes, Kingdom of. See

the first ten years he endured all the sufferings of a Jugoslavia persecution.

In 1910 Corea was annexed the Catholics did not suffer

that since then the number _ ^^

??*^*^ tn^n grown less. During the uprising in r(riIKy7l868, ol32^ed'21Septem^

March, 1919, some Catholics. were accused of foment- ^ivil law and professor at the seminary in 1890, later

ing disorder and of ill-treatmiK the natives. Upon ^t the Cathohc University from 1902 to 1907, secre-

mvestigation it was discovered that the police had taiy in 1902, chanceUor m 1907, principal anJi vicar

confused them with some adherents of the Prot- general in 1915, was appointed tishop 20 February,

estant sects who were implicated m the movement, fg^g succeeding Mer Ravmond-Aufte Jara (h 1

The authorities did not fail to accord justice to the August 1852* d 9 March 1917)

Catholics, and remarked the loyalty which the latter There are '(1921) 34 parish^ 151 churehes 11

had shown under the circumstances. Since 1908 the monasteries for men, 18 for women, 52 secular 'and

cause of the Corean martyrs has progressed. Mer. 50 ^gular priests, 170 sistera, 1 seminary with 325

Imbert and his companions, eighty-two martyrs who geminarians, 1 college for men with 7 teachera and 85

died between 1839 and 1846, pajBed before the anti- students, 3 for women with 20 teachera and 250

preparatory Conjpregation on 22 November, 1921. students, 1 professional school with 25 teachera and

The cause of Mgr. Berneux and his companions, jqOO pupils, 1 home, 5 hospitals in care of the nuns,

twenty-six martyra who died m 1866, was mt^^ The ty cliaritable centerTare in the convente of

^n^^'Vu^^^* The remissonallettera sent to Rome womenf The hospital, seminary, coUegee and schools

^^T^^i *^1^*P^^Ik P w^^*^^v.-^ *^® ®P^^ receive Government aid. The ^iety of St. Joseph ?J.i»21., Purmg the World ^r thirteen out ol » organized among the clergy and nimerous sodah- thirty misaonanes were mobilized ^^^ ties,^tlyof women, among the laity. The Chilean France. Three of them feU on the field of honor, ^aily and'^four minor peri<Slicals are published in the othera returned m 1919. but one of them was so j^ gerena severely gassed that he wm be invalided for the re- mainder of his life. During the war the support Servants of the Most Blessed Sacrament. See which the vicariate had received from the Propaga- Blessed Sacrament, Servants of the Most tion of the Faith and from the Holy Childhood Society sua^iria. q^ Tr,^^o, . ^r, * was considerably diminished, but happily the alms ^^^^^ »ee Jugoslavia

which were sent from the United States made up Sessa Anrunca, Diocese of (Suessana; cf.

the deficiency. Five perpetual scholarahips and C. E., XIII — 737d), in Southern Italy, suffragan of