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and 370 pupils, and 766 Christian doctrine schools homes for the aged and infirm, 10 asylums, hospitals

with 27,992 students. The various institutions in- in each parish, and 6 refuges. A number of lav

dude 1 house for retreats, 4 asylums, 3 hospitals, 1 charitable centers and day nurseries are established,

refuge and 7 nurseries, xhe public university, ly- and the priests are permitted to minister in two

ceum, hospitals and prisons permit the priests to public institutions. Many associations are formed

minister in them, and 1 Catholic institution receives among the cleiigy^, afl well as the laity, and a number of

aid from the government. A society is organized Catholic periodicjals are published nere.

among the young Catholics of the vicariate, and 2 -. , « 

journals, 1 review and 1 "Semaine Religieuse," are ^ ^^'"^^Ar ^^hdiocese of (Tolosanenbis; cf. published. The Catholic population comprises C. E., XIV— 795b), commises the department of 154,000 Annamites and 3100 French. Seven of the Haute-Gwonne, France. The see is at present filled missionaries and about 6000 Annamite Catholics saw ^y Most Rev. Jean-Au^ustm Germain, bom m Beau- service during the World War. caire m 1839, ordained m 1863, served as a pastor and

was ^pointed Bishop of Rodez 19 April, 1897, pro- Toronto, Archdiocese op (Torontinbnsis; moted 14 December, 1899. He is assisted by an cf. C. E., XrV— 781d.), in Ontario, Canada. This auxiliary^ Rt. Rev. Jean Raynaud, titular Bishop see is filled by Most Rev. Neil MacNeil, bom in o^ Germia. During the World War 260 priests and Hills Corough in the diocese of Antigonish in 1851; seminarians were mobilized from this territory and of he made his studies in Antigonish and at Propaganda *^ nunaber 38 died, 7 were decorated with the Ugion College in Rome, was ordained in 1879, became a d'hannevr, 2 with the midaiUe militaire, and 80 with professor and then president of St. Francis Xavier's **^e croix de guerre. The principal event of import- College, Antigonish, founded the joumals "Ayrore" a^ce in the archdiocese recentljr was the "Semaine in 1881, and "Casket" in 1890, and was appointed Sociale" of France, held here m My, 1921. The titular Bishop of Nilopolis and vicar apostolic of archdiocese comprises about 400,000 Catholics, and St. Georges 6 August, 1895, transferred to St. ^ divided into 552 parishes, having 575 churches. It Georges de Terre-Neuve 18 February, 1904, pro- includes 1 abbey for men, 1 for women, 25 convents moted to the archdiocese of Vancouver 19 January, ^ot women, 700 secular priests, 1 upper and 2 lower 1910, and again transferred 10 April, 1912. The seminaries, 250 seminarians, 1 Catholic university Catholic population of the archdiocese numbera with 27 professors and 75 students, 3 colleges for boys 85,000. Latest statistics credit it with 80 parishes, with 350 students, 12 colleges for girls, 195 Catholic 32 mission stations, 113 secular and 46 regular elementary schools with 405 teachers, teaching clergy, 1 seminary, 1 college, 10 convents and about one-fourth of all the school children, an asso- academies, 112 churches and 8 hospitals and asylums, ciation of diocesan missionaries at Pibrac, 3 houses of

retreats for ladies, 1 home under the Little Sisters of

Tortona, Diocese of (Dertonensis; cf. C. E., ^^^ Foot, 6 orphanages for girls, 1 for boys, 1 home

XIV— 784d), in the province of Alessandra, northern ^or deaf mutes and 1 nome for the blind. Three soci-

Italy, suffragan of Genoa. This see is filled by Rt. eties, the League for Deceased Prieste, J6sus

Rev. Simone Pietro Grassi, bom in Schilpario in Hostie, and Pnests Adorers, are formed ajnpng

1856, served as provost of Verdello and was ap- "^e clergy, and numerous associations are established

pointed bishop 22 January. 1915, to succeed Rt. among the laity. Two important daily papers,

Rev. Igino Bandi, appointed in 1890, died 8 Sept., *!^P,r?88 du midi" and the "Tdl^gram," are pub-

1914. During the World War 200 priests of this ushed here, as well as three weeklies and a number of

diocese served in the ranks, and 25 as military parish bulletins,

chaplains at the front. A number were killed and _^

many received decorations of valor. All the priests ^^ournai, Diocese of (Tornacensis; cf. C. E.. at home, and the laity, took an active part in relief Xiy— 798b) .—Includes the entire province of work of all kinds. Upon its reestablishment in 1817 Hamaut m Belgium. In the early davs of the war this diocese was taken from the metropolitan see of the Belgians, assisted by some English and French Milan and made suffragan to Genoa. It now has troops, made a stand against the Germans on tha 295 parishes, 500 secu&r priests, 430 churches, 6 Sambre and Mons but in a few weeks the entire monasteries of men, 4 convents of men, and 40 of diocese was occupied and was "despoiled, ravaged women, 2 seminaries, 65 seminarians, 3 educational and tortured" by German soldiers. Rt. Rev .'Charles institutions for boys with 25 teachers and 300 stu- Gustave Walravens, Bishop of Toumai, was taken dents, 5 educational institutions for girls, with 30 as a hostage by the Germans in August, 1914, and in teachers and 350 pupils, about 30 asylums and 10 spite of his seventv-four years was obliged to journey hospitals. A mutual aid society is organized among 9^ ^oot part of the way to Brussels, where he was the clergy and a number of associations among the interned. He was afterwards released but evil treat- laity. Three diocesan weeklies and fifty parish °ient and violence inflicted by German authorities bulletins are published. A Eucharistic Congress was on the venerable prelate hastened his death, which held in the diocese recently, as well as a centenary occurred at Toumai 13 February, 1915. Neariy all celebration in honor of St. Martianus. believed by ^he bishops of Belgium assisted at his funeral, 18 ome to have been the first bishop of this see. February, where the honors that the Germans wished

to render him were banned. He was replaced 6

Tortosa, Diocese op (Derthttsensis; cf. C. E., December, 1915, by Rt. Rev. Amedee Marie Crooy,

XIV— 785c). in the province of Tarragona, Spain, bom at Ixelles-Bruxelles, 29 January, 1869, student

suffragan of Tarragona. This see is filled by Rt. at Rome, religious preceptor to the King's son.

Rev. Pedro Rocamora y Garcia, born in La Granja papal chaniberlain, enthroned 8 December, 1915.

de los Rocamoras in 1832, served as a professor m In the diocese there are 1,230,000 Catholics, 35

the seminary of his native city, pastor of Elche, cures with 540 parishes, 1 abbey for men, 87 convents

professor of theology, penitentiary canon of the cathe- for men and 535 for women, 1220 secular priests,

dral of Orihuela, elected bishop 21 May, 1894. 6500 reli^ous women. The seminary with 80 sem- '

The diocese comprises Catholics, 725,388, and by inarians is divided into an upper and lower section,

latest statistics has 182 parishes, 723 churches, 10 the former at Toumai ana the latter at Bonne

monasteries for men, 50 houses of reli^ous com- Esperance. There are 11 colleges or institutes for

munities of women, 592 priests, 1 semmary^ 200 the higher education of boys and 50 colleges for girls, seminarians, elementary schools in each parish^ 8 '"'Throughout-the diocese there are many lower schools

47 * '