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Ward, Bbbnabd, ecclesiasticift historian, b. on 4 camassus; the latter is also chaplain in chief of the

February, 1857, at Old Hall, Herts, England^, at Polish armv. The cardinal's predecessor, Most Rev.

Brentwood, on 21 January, 1920; son of Dr. W. G. Vincent Choserat Popiel, the eighth archbishop of

Ward of the Oxford movement. He studied at Old Warsaw under the Kussian government, died 7

HbJI and Oscott and was ordained in 1882 by Cardinal December, 1912, after an illness of two years. His

Manning. The greater part of his life was spent in wise and watchful administration of twenty-nine

St. Edmund's College, Old Hall, of which he became years was the longest of any incumbent of this see.

vice president in 1890 and two years later president, On the very day of the outbreak of the Russian

a post he held till 1916. Shortly afterwards he was Revolution, 11 March, 1917, all the Poli^ bishops

preconized titular Bishop of Lydoa and Administrator were gathered tosether to celebrate the centenary of

Apostolic of the new diocese of Brentwood, to which the foundation of the Archdiocese of Warsaw. Smce

see he was translated as its first bishop on 20 July, the Russian high officials and most of the members of

St. Edmund of Canterbury;" these, however, were public fimds, has, after some necessary alterations,

but as a prelude to The Dawn of the Catholic Revival been turned over to Catholic worship, and some of the

in EnsdUind," The Eve of Catholic Emancipation," churches which had been seized by the Russians have

and "The Sequel to Catholic Emancipation, which been restored to the Catholics. There now remain

form a history of the Church in England from 1780 to only three churches for the Russians, one at Praga

1850, and a permanent contribution to English being used as the cathedral. A well-known apostle

ecclesiastical literature. "The Priestly Vocation" is of Catholicism in Poland, Rev. Father Honorat, a

a volume of "The Library for Catholic Priests and Capuchin, and founder of the Sisters of St. Felix of

Students," of which he was a joint editor. Mgr. Cantalice, died 16 December, 1916. He was the

Ward also wrote a "Commentary on St. Luke's founder of several other religious organizations, a

Gospel" and contributed articles to Thb Catbouc well-known spiritual director and writer, and an

Enctclopedia. ardent advocate of frequent communion for forty

--,.__ ,. , .u.i_^ years before the decree of Pius X.

^i3^,* T?^i??J^',^*^^^^c?L J .^y^i ^j ** The Archdiocese of Warsaw at present comprises

9^?^.?"4S^'^®'®fe.^f^^??^iTf ^^^S?J?®^^5 the metropolitan chapter of Warsaw with twelve

9 Apnl, 1916; son of William G. Ward, of ^e Oxford canons, and the coUegiate chapter of Lowics with its

Movement and brother of Bishop Ward. He studied twelve canons. The diocese is divided into nineteen

at Old Hall, Ushaw, the Greeonwi University , Rome deaneries: (1) Warsaw (inside the city), comprising

„ . . .^, ^ , ^. VI t- r 1 tutions. , Total souls 569,934: (2) Warsaw (outside

g««mning with a study on the philosophy of relwous the city), 18 parishes with 97,^21 souls; (3) Praga, 17

thought,'^Witnes8es to the Unseen," and inspired by parishes withl46,040 souls; (4) Biala (Bi^), 9

NeTOian 8 theory of devdopment. Ward devoted parishes with 30,407 souls; (5) Gostynm, 16 parishes

most of lus life to bnn^g Catholic scholars to rec<^. ^^^^ ^2,936 souls; (6) Goszcyn (GoSichii, 9 parishes

nize the legitunate claims of modern scicaace and to ^th 32,667 souls; (7) Gora Kalwarja, 8 parishes

inducing the modern world to coMider without prem- ^th 26 460 souU (8) Grodsisk, 11 parishes with

dice the Catholic viewpomt. He was one of the 4^995 ^^^. (9) Qrojec, 12 parishes with 43,630

5)undera of the. Synthetic S9ciety (1896-1^^^ aoulg. (iq) 'jadow, 8 parisheT with 43,860 souls;

discussion of the philosophic basis of religious behef; (n) 'xalusayn, 8 parishes with 22,963 souls; (12)

amon^ its members bemg Balfour, Haldane, Bryce, Kutno, 22 parishes with 80,274 souis; (13) Lowics,

S^ck, and Bwhop Gore. "Mmi and Matters, 2I parishes with 90,730 souls; (14) Minsk, 10 par-

"I^bkms and Perw)M,; ^'The Wish to Believe," ish^ with 61,692 souls; (16) Mszczonow (Msfechonov)

and "The Clothes of Rehgion" contam most of his jq parishes with 59,5& souls; (16) Radsymin (Rad-

best philosophic and apologetic writings. Wwd was gj^^^^) g parishes with 44,310 souls; (17) Rawa, 13

?i?^ ^«^*2^^^®^f ^/^^^^'^^ ^i®^^^ *J5 parish^ with 45,418 souls; (18) Skiemiewice (Skeme-

    • ^!5 *u®^l-^^u*^®/I w /Jf Cardinal Newman," ^tse), 10 parishes with 41 ,902 souls: (19) Sochaczew

an^|he biography of hw father,^ich a^ (Sohatshev), 18 parishes with 61,676 souls. Total of

' William Geoip^aMajd the (Wor^ ^44 pariahe^, with 1,472,751 souls. Non-parochial

and"WiUiamGeorge Ward and the ^^^ churSes, 68: church^ with monasteries, 12; public

together with the "Life and Timw ^„d semf-puUc chapels, 171; private chapefc, 25;

"^^^^^^ Ji'^ri^J^^A^Ti^in number o[«-ul- cf^^^^ 56;

Retiew, CLIX. (1916). aluDMii of seuunary, 104; students of umversity, 16;

nuns. 30; houses of religious orders, female, 28;

Warsaw, ARCHMocaBSB of (Varsavibnsib; cf . faithful in Warsaw, 569,934; in archdiocese of War-

C. E., XV— 665b), in the Republic of Poland. On saw, but outside of city proper, 902,817; total for

14 November, 1918, the city of Warsaw again became archdiocese, 1,472,751. the real capital of a free and independent Poland, the

seat of Naesebrik Panstwa, Chief^of State, the seat of Washington, (cf. C. £., XV— 560b).— The

the Diet, of Central Civil and Military Government, area of the State is 69,127 square miles. In 1920

and the see of the Polish archbishop and cardinal. His the population was 1,356,621 , an increase of 18.8 per

Eminence Alexander Kakowski. Bom in Dembina in cent since 1910. Between 1900 and 1910 the popula-

1863, he was ordained in 1886, served as a professor tion jumped from 518,103 to 1,141,990 (120.4%).

and then rector of the upper seminary, became a The average number of imhabitants to the square

canon in 1901, rector of the ecclesiastical academy of mile is 20.3, as against 17.1 in 1910 and 7.8 in 1900.

Petrograd in 1910, a prelate of the Holy See in 1911, In 1920, 5.2% of the population was urban; 44.8%

and was made archbishop 2 May, 1913. On 15 was rural. There are 15 Indian reservations, 1

December, 1919, he was created a cardinal priest. The navv yard, 1 national park, and a tract of unsurveyed

archbishop is assisted by two auxiliaries. Most Rev. hmd. Pend Oreille County was organised from a

Casimir Kuszkiewics. titular Archbishop of Nicolia, part of Stevens County m 1911. There are 69

and Rt. Rev. Stanislas Gidl, titular Bishop of Hali- cities,of which the largest with their respective popula-