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touch the subject physically at the moment of bap- the boards and superintends the work of the various tism or immediately take him from the sacred font societies; it also controls the |;eneral funds for mis- er from the minister's hands. sionary enterprise. In 1911 it took over some of

To act licitly as sponsor, one: a() must have the activities of the Freewill Baptists, who in 1919 reached his fourteenth year, though for a just ca\ise completed their union with the Northern Baptists the minister may allow a younger person to stand: and ceased to exist as a denomination, (b) must not be ezcommimicated nor be debarred The Baptists organized in 1905 the Baptist World from legal acts nor be legally infamous on account Alliance, which by its quinquennial meeting pro- of a notorious offense, even if no judicial sentence motes a spirit of fellowship and co-operation; in has been pronounced, nor be interdicted or other- 1911 they joined the Federal Council of the wise publicly known as a criminal, nor be infamous Churches of Christ in America, and in 1920 sent by act; (c) must know the rudiments of the Faith; delegates to the p^reliminary meetine of the World <d) must not be a novice or a professed member Conference on Faith and Order held at Geneva in of a religious institute in which the members make Switzerland.

vows, perpetual or temporary, to be renewed after In their treatment of theological and Biblical a fixed time, unless in case of necessity and with questions, many Baptist scholars have in recent the express permisBion of at least the local superior; yeara departed from the traditional attitude of (e) fiiudly must have the express permission of his their Church and adoi)ted advanced and radical ordinary, if he is a cleric in sacred orders. In case opinions. Among the individual churches invita- of doubt whether one can be admitted validly or tions to ministers of other denominations to occupy licitly the parish priest must consult his ordinary Baptist pulpits tend to become more frequent and if there is time. A sponsor contracts spiritual rela- the practice of admitting to the Eucharist the mem- tiondiip with the person baptized, but not as for- bers of any Christian denomination (open com- merly with the parents also. munion) is also spreading in Great Britain and the

Time and P2ac6.— The faithful are under a grave United States. obli^tion to have their infants baptized as soon as ^tatibtics. — According to the American Baptist possible. In case of necessity, private baptism may Year-Book" (1921), there were at the time of its be administered at any time and in any place, publication 8,965,995 Baptists in the world, with Solenm baptism also may be administered on any 69,326 churches and 48^12 ministers. They were day, but it is recommended that, following the distributed as follows on the different continents: ancient custom of the Church, the baptism of America, 8^)20715; Europe, 633,128; Asia, 252^92; adultf, if it can be conveniently arranged, should Australasia, 30^88 p Africa. 28,372. The great ma- take place on the vigil of Easter or Pentecost, espe- jority of the Baptists of the world is found in the ciaUy in metropolitan and cathedral churches. The United States, 7^04,449; Canada has 138382; Cen- proper place for administering solemn baptism is tral America, including the Canal Zone, 1,531; in the t>aptisteiv of a church or public oratory: Mexico, 3^34; South America, 21,376; the West and every parish church must have its baptismu Indies, 50,643. The figures given for 1921 by Dr. H. font, any statute, privilege, or custom to the con- K. Carroll in his annual table of religious denomina- trary being now revoked and reprobated, though tions in the United States are below those published this has been decreed without prejudice to the in the "American Baptist Year-Book." They are vested rights of other churches. For the con- for the United States: Baptists (fifteen bodies), venience of the faithful the local ordinary may 7,207,578; churches, 58,933; ministers, 47,983. allow or even order a baptismal font in any other ^Nbwman, a Hutory of the Bavtut Chwchet m the United

church or PubUc oratoo: withia the pariah Jimits. %Tot iJ^^'^iZ^^^iJS^y,"'^Zl^.

If the person to be* baptized cannot, without srave 1921 ). N A Webeb

inconvenien<» or danger, come to or be broug'ht to ^^^ MADBLmin^SoPHiB. See' Madelenb.

the parish church or to another possessing a bap- q^zjL r>"tfv^fLZ^

timJd font, the parish priest oughttoadminister Sophie Barat, Blessied.

solemn baptism in the nearest church or publio BarDastro, Diocbsb of (Barbastrensis; cf. u. Hj.,

oratory within the parish limits, even if it has no II-285d), in the province of Huesca, Spam, suffragan

bMtiamal font. Solemn baptism is not allowed in o^ Sargossa. Smce 1895 this diocese has been gov-

pnvate houses except: (a) when the person to be emed by an apwtohc administrator, who at present

baptised is the child or the grandchild of the (1^22) is Rt. Rev. Monsignor Jimenez y Perez,

supreme ruler of the people or of one who has the titular Bishop of Anthedon. The 1921 statistics

ri^t of succession to the throne; in this case, how- give the Catholic population as 54,540 and credit

ever, the privilege is to be asked for on the occasion the diocese with 199 parishes and 46 annexes, di-

of each baptism; or (b) when the local ordinary rected by 10 archpriests, 190 secular priests, 199

believes that there is a just and reasonable cause churches, 254 chapels, 3 convents of men with 80

for aUowing it in an extraordinary case. In both religious, 8 convents of women with 96 Sisters, and

of these instances the baptism is to be conferred 180 Catholic schools. An official diocesan bulletin

in a domestic chapel or other becomins place. ^ published.

Code, 737-79; O'Donnell in Irith Eccl. -Bee, X, 441 «qq. Barcelona, D1OCE8B OP (BABaNONENSISj cf. C.

£., II-288d), in Spain, suffragan of the Arcndiocese

Baptists (cf. C. £., II-278b). — ^A more vigorous of Tarragona. This see was filled by His Eminence

effort to promote general Baptist interests, a desire &dvadore Cardinal Cassanas y Pages, transferred

f<ir grater unity among themselves and with other from the titular see of Cerama, 19 April, 1901, until

denominations, and a tendency toward radicalism in his death 27 October, 1908. He was succeeded by

the interpretation of the Bible and toward less ex- Rt. Rev. Juan Jos6 Laguarda y Fenollera, promoted

elusive religious practice have marked the history from the diocese of Jaen 29 April, 1919, died 3

of the denomination since 1907. December, 1913. His successor was appointed 28

HmroBT.— The creation in 1907 of the Northern May, 1914, in the person of Rt. Rev. Henri Reig

Baptist Convention, corresponding in character to y Casanova who filled the see until his promotion

the older Southern Baptist Convention and British to Valencia, 22 April, 1920. The present incumbent

Baptist Union, gave the Northern Baptists a central Rt. Rev. Raimundo Guillamet y Coma, b. at San

body in charge of certain specific tasks. It chooses Esteban de Olet, 23 March, 1856, ordained 21