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Ord. No. 21 of 2001

(2) Any reference in this Ordinance to the performance of a function includes a reference to the exercise of a power or performance of a duty, as the case may be.

Term of Office and Election of Chief Executive

3. Term of office of Chief Executive

(1) The term of office of the Chief Executive shall—

(a) be 5 years; and
(b) commence on the date on which he assumes office being the date specified for this purpose by the Central People’s Government in the instrument of appointment.

(2) No person shall hold the office of the Chief Executive for more than 2 consecutive terms.

(3) The date on which the term of office of the Chief Executive commences shall be published by notice in the Gazette.

4. Vacancy in office

The office of the Chief Executive becomes vacant—

(a) on the expiry of the term of office of the Chief Executive;
(b) if the Chief Executive dies; or
(c) if the Central People’s Government removes the Chief Executive from office in accordance with the Basic Law.

5. Declaration of vacancy

(1) Where the office of the Chief Executive becomes vacant under section 4(b) or (c), the Acting Chief Executive shall, by notice published in the Gazette, declare the vacancy.

(2) A declaration under subsection (1) shall—

(a) be made within 21 days after the Acting Chief Executive becomes aware of the vacancy; and
(b) specify the date on which the office became vacant.

6. Election to return candidate for appointment to fill vacancy in office

An election shall be held in accordance with—