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There are 200 bales Grey Shirtings 有二百疋洋布 Yo ur pi p‘ee yahng-poo.
Is there any Opium? 有洋藥沒有? Yo yahng-yow mayo?
Put it in the godown 擱在棧房裏 Kawdzi jahn-fahnglee.
Hire four cargo-boats 僱四隻駁船 Koo sir chirp paw ch‘wahn.
The steamer leaves to-morrow 輪船明天開行 Loon ch'wahn. mingt‘e-enn k‘i shing.
At what o'clock? 幾點鐘 Chee te-enn-joong?
At half-past eight in the morning 八點半鐘 Pah te-enn pahn-joong.
This steamer is very fast 這個輪船 Chayka loon ch‘wahn hun k‘wi.
The cabins are also very good 客艙也很好 K‘aw ts‘ahng yay hun how.
What is the fare from here to Shanghai? 打這兒到上海得多少錢 Tah-cher tow Shahng-hi tay taw show ch‘e-enn?
Twenty taels 二十兩銀子 Urshirt layang yeendza.
Food is provided on board 船上管飯 Ch‘wahn-shahng kooahn fahn.
Where's the captain? 船主在 Ch‘wahn-joo dzi nar?