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The captain has gone to the Consulate 船主上領事官衙門 Ch‘wahn-joo shahng ling-shirt-kwahn yahmun.
When will he be back? 多喒回來 Taw-dzahn hooey-li?
In a very short time 一會兒就來 E-hwer cheeoo-li.
Take a seat 請坐 Ch‘ing dzaw.
What's in this? 這裡頭有甚麽 Chaw lee-t‘o yo shummo?
I don't know 我不知道 Waw poo-che-tow.
I'll come again to-morrow 我明天回來 Waw mingt‘e enn hooey-li.
Where is the "Customs"? 海關在哪兒 Hi-kwahn dzi nar?
Send this to the "Pow-shoon" hong 送寶順洋行 Soong "Pow-shoon" yahng hahng.
Where does this letter come from? 這一封信是兒來的 Chay-yee-fung-sheen shirt nar li-ty?
There's no answer 沒有回信 Mayo hooey sheen.
He needn't wait 他不等用 T‘ah poo yoong tung.
Bring me a pen and ink 拿筆墨來 Nah pee-maw li.
I don't want Chinese pens and ink 不要中國筆墨 Poo yow choong-kwo pee-maw.