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Bring me a sheet of paper 拿一張紙 Nah yee jahng jug.
Have all the letters come? 信都來了沒有 Sheen to li-la ma-yo?
Who's that man outside? 外頭那個人是誰 Wi-t‘o negga ren shirt shooey?
It's Mr.— of the "Kwong-loong" hong 廣隆東家 Kwong-loong toong-cheeah.
Ask him to come in 請他進來 Ch‘ing t‘ah cheen-li.
Ask the compradore if these notes are good 問買辦這個票子好不好 Wun mi-pahn, chayka p‘eeowdza how-poo-how.
I have 1,000 piculs of rice 我有一千担白米 Waw yo yee ch‘e-enn tahn pi-mee.
I want $3.00 per picul 每一担要三塊錢 May yee tahn, yow sahn k‘wi ch‘e-enn.
Too dear 太貴 T‘i kooey.
Can't let you have it for less 少咯不買 Showla poo mi.
Come and look at it 你來看一看 Nee li k‘ahn-e-k‘ahn.
Have you any coal? 你有煤沒有 Nee yo may ma-yo?
I'll write to you to-morrow 我明天給你寫信 Waw mingt‘e-enn kay nee seeay sheen.