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To-morrow is Sunday 明天禮拜 Ming t‘e-enn leepi.
Send a man 打發一個人來 Tahfah-yeeka ren li.
Wait a little; I'll go myself 等一等我自己去 Tung-e-tung; waw adze chee ch‘ü.
You needn't come 你不用來 Nee poo yoong li.
What else do you want? 你還要甚麼 Nee hi yow shummo?
I don't want any. thing 我不要甚麼 Waw poo yow shummo.
Where's your master? 的東家在 Neety toong-cheeah dzi nar?
He's in the office 在寫字房 Dzi seeaydzafahng.
I am going out now 現在我要出門 Shendzi waw yow ch‘oo mun.
I am going to the "Customs" 我上海關 Waw shahng Hi-kwahn.
The Commissioner of Customs has come 稅務司來咯 Shooey-woo-sir li-la.
The pilot is on board, waiting 引水的在船上等著 Yeen-shooeyty dzi ch‘wahn-shahng tungja.