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Where's my watch? 我的表在 Wawty peeow dzi nar?
Hire a sedan-chair 僱一頂轎子 Koo yee ting cheeow dza.
Bring the key 拿鑰匙 Nah yowsh.
Call the carpenter 叫木匠來 Cheeow moo-cheeang li.
This nail must be pulled out 這個釘子要拔出來 Chayka tingdza yow pah-ch‘oo-li.
I want it (coloured) 要刷色 Yow shwah si.
I want this box opened (if nailed down) 這個箱子要撬開 Chayka sheeang-dza yow ch‘eeow-k‘i.
Solder it down 拿錫鑞釬上 Nah sheelah hahn shahng.
Buy 5 lbs. of cotton-wool 你買五斤棉花 Nee mi woo-cheen meenhwah.
This tea-cup is broken 這個茶碗破咯 Chayka ch‘ah-whan p‘awla.
Send for the tinker 找一個鋸碗的 Chow yeeka chü wahnty