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What are you afraid of? 怕甚麼 P‘ah shummo?
I am afraid of sunstroke 怕晒咯 P‘ah shi-la.
Foreign articles are all very good 外國東西都好 Wi-kwotoong shee-to how.
This room leaks (from rain) 這個屋子漏 Chayka woodza lo.
Get a lantern 打燈籠 Tah tung loong.
Don't tell lies 你別撒謊 Nee peeay sah-hwong.
Have you a father and mother? 你有父母沒有 Nee yo foo-moo mayo?
Tell him to wait 呌他等一等 Cheeow t'ah tung-e-tung.
I haven't got leisure now (to do anything) 現在我沒有工夫 Shendzi waw mayo koong-foo.