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Light the lamp 點燈 Te-enn tung.
Call the cook 呌廚子來 Cheeow ch‘oodza li.
I want to take the accounts now 現在要算賬 Shendzi yow sooahn jahng.
Your bill is all right 你的賬目不錯 Neety jahngmoo poo ts‘aw.
I'll pay you to-morrow 我明天給你錢 Waw mingt'e-enn kay nee ch'e-enn.
I shall have a dinner party to-morrow night 明天晚上要請客 Mingt'e-enn wahn-shahng yow ch'ing k'aw.
Roast a leg of mutton 烤一個羊腿 K'owyeekayahng-t'ooey.
Boil a piece of salt beef 煮一塊鹹牛肉 Joo yee k'wise-enn newro.
Is there any fish to be got ? 有魚肉沒有 Yo yü-ro mayo?
I want four kinds of sweets 要四樣兒點心 Yow sir yahnger te-en-shee.
Roast two pheasants 烤两個野鷄 K'ow layanga yay-chee.
I don't want any ducks 不要鴨子 Poo yow yahdza.