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These eggs are bad 這個雞子兒不好 Chayka cheedzer poo how.
Buy a bottle of milk 買一瓶奶子 Mi yee p'ing ni-dza.
Fry several pieces of bread 𭳿幾塊麵包 Juh chee k'wi me-enpow.
Don't use pork-fat for frying them; use beef-fat 不要拿豬油𭳿拿牛油𭳿 Paw yow nahjoo-yo jah; nah new-yo jah.
To-day I want hare soup 今天要野貓湯 Chint'e-enn yow yay-mow t'ahng.
Tell the cook to make chicken broth 呌廚子做雞湯 Cheeow ch'oodza-dzo chee t'ahng.
Is it ready? 得咯沒有 Tawla mayo?
This cook is not a good one 這個廚子不好 Chayka ch'oodza poohow.
The coolie is also very lazy 苦力也狠懶惰 K'oolee yay hun lahntaw.
Where's the amah? 老媽在那兒 Low-mar dzinar!
I want my hair done now 現在要梳頭 Shendzi yow shoo t'o.
These clothes must be washed 這個衣裳要洗一洗 Chayka eeshahng yow shee-e-shee.
Don't put any soda in the water 水裏不要擱鹻 Shooey-lee poo yow kaw je-enn.