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You must also give him Indian corn 你還得給他棒子 Nee hi tay kay t'ah pahngdza.
Bring a bucket of water 拿一筲水 Nah yee show shooey.
This girth won't do 這個肚帶不行 Chayka too-ti poo shing.
Get a fresh one 換一個新的 Hwahn yeeka sheenty.
Get him shod to-morrow 明天給他釘掌 Mingt'e-enn kay t'ah ting jahng.
This stable is draughty 這個馬棚透風 Chayka mahp'ung t'o fung.
You must put a pane of glass here 這兒要配一塊玻璃 Cher yow p'ay yeek'wi pawlee.
Feed the dogs 餧狗 Way ko.
Where's the big dog? 大狗在那兒 Tah ko dzi nar?
The small dog has not come back 小狗沒回來 Sheeow ko may hooey-li.
Are there any hares here? 這個地方有野貓沒有 Chayka teefahng yo yaymow mayo?
Are there any foxes ? 有狐狸沒有 Yo hoolee mayo?
The pony is hot; don't feed him yet 馬出了汗先不要餧他 Mah ch'oola hahn; sheen poo yow way t'ah.