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I want to buy a good pony 我要買一匹好馬 Waw yow mi yee p'ee how mah.
This pony is not fast, or, won't do for racing 這個馬跑得不快 Chayka mah, p'owta poo k'wi.
A good pony is very dear now 好馬現在狠貴 How mah she-en-dzi hun kooey.
Are there any wolves here? 這兒有狼沒有 Cher yo lahng mayo?
Walk my pony about 把馬蹓一蹓 Pah mah layo-layo.
A fox! a fox! Let go the dogs! 狐狸狐狸放狗放狗 Hoolee! hoolee! Fahng ko, fahng ko!