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COMPAMONAGE. 755 Sardinian and Turkish medals) ; has been Col. Roy. Irish Regt. since 1889; cr. C.B. 1869. 5, Anglesea Terrace, St. Leonards-on-Sea. CAMERON, Col. Aylmer Spicer, 1 7 .C., C.B., son of the late Lieut. -Col. William Gordon Cameron, Grenadier Guards, who lost his right arm at Waterloo, and received several other wounds; b. 1833; entered 72nd Highlanders 1852, promoted Capt. King's Own Borderers for service in the field 1859, Major 1871, Lieut. -Col. 1877, and Col. iS8i ; retired 1888 ; served in Crimean Campaign 1855-6, including both assaults on the Redan (medal with clasp, Turkish medal), and in Indian Mutiny 1857-8 (reported "desperately wounded" at Kotah, three wounds the same day, twice mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp, V.C.); was Ch. Instructor Bengal 1874-6, A.A.G. in Canada 1879- 81, in command of King's Own Borderers 1881-3, Ch. of Intelligence Branch, HeadQuarters 1883-5, and Comdt. Roy. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, 1886-8 ; has received Distinguished Service Reward ; cr. C.B. 1886. Holmleld, Lyndhurst ; United Service and Army and Navy Clubs. CAMERON, Maj.-Gen. Donald Roderick, C.M.G. ; b. 1834 ; entered R.A. 1856, became Capt. 1866, Major 1875, Lieut. -Col. 1882, Col. 1886, and Maj.-Gen. (retired) 1887 ; served ( throughout Bhootan Campaign 1863-65 as Adj. and as staff officer R.A. Dooar Field Force (medal with clasp and three times mentioned in despatches) ; accompanied the Hon. Wm. I M'Dougall, C.B,, to Fort Garry as a M.E.C. 1869 ; awarded bronze medal of Roy. Humane : So. 1871 ; was H.M.'s Commr. of International Boundary Commn., and superintended expedi- tion which marked the International Boundary ', from the Lake of the Woods to summit of j Rocky Mountains 1872-6, Sec. to Canadian j Delegation at International Conference at Paris ; 1883, for protection of Submarine Cables, and i Official Sec. to Canadian Commr. at Fisheries Conference at Washington 1887-8, since when he has been Comdt. of Roy. Mil. Coll., King- ston, Canada : m. 1869, Emma, da. of Sir i Charles Tupper, ist Bart., G.C.M.G., C.B., i LL.D., M.D. ; cr. C.M.G. 1877. Kingston,', Canada; Junior United Set 'vice Club. CAMERON, Capt. Verney Lovett, C.B., D.C.L., son of the Re v. Jonathan Henry Lovett t Cameron, V. of Shoreham ; b. 1844; entered, R.N. 1857, became Com. 1876 (retired 1883), } and Capt, 1891 ; served in Abyssinian Cam- '< Eaign 1868 (medal); appointed to command ivingstone E. Coast Expedition Nov. 1872, i and crossed tropical Africa, arriving at Ben- < guela Nov. 1875 (C.B., Hon. D.C.L. Oxford, OflScier de Mnstruction Publique, Ofncier de la Couronne d'ltalie ; Founder's medal of Roy. Geographical So., Grande medaille d'or Paris Geographical So., Gold medal from King of Italy, Gold Medal of Lisbon Geographical, ot" Roy. Belgium Geographical, and of Ballo> n j Sos. and Silver medal of So. of Arts) ; is a Member of the Turners' Co. : in. 1885, Amy i Nona Read, da. of W. B. Morris, Esq., formerly of Kingston, Jamaica ; cr. C.B. 1876. 41, Ashley Gardens, Victoria Street, S.W. ; A rrny and Navy Club. CAMERON, Lieut. -Gen. William Gordon, C.B., son of the late Col. William Gordon Cameron, K.H., of Nea House, Christchurch ; b, 1827 ; ed. at Mil. Coll., Dresden ; entered Army 1844, became Capt. 1853, Major 1855, Lieut. -Col. 1863, Col. 1868, Maj.-Gen. 1878, and Lieut. -Gen. 1888 ; served with Grenadier Guards in Crimean Campaign 1854-5 (medal with two clasps, Legion of Honour sth class Medjidie and Turkish medal) ; in command of 3rd Regt. German Legion in Turkey 1855-6, and in command of 4th Foot in Abyssinian Campaign (mentioned in despatches and medal) ; is Hon. Col. ist Vol. Batn. Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regt.) ; commanded Troops in China 1885-9, when he was appointed to command the troops at Cape of Good Hope : m. 1857, Helen Colebrook Mary, da. of Gen. Sir John Hunter Littler, G.C.B. ; cr. C.B. 1868. Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope; Army and Navy and United Service Clubs. CAMPBELL, Capt. Alexander, D.S.O., son of the late William Campbell, Esq., of Ballyalton, co. Down ; b. 1839 ; entered Bom- bay Marine Ser. 1865, and became Capt. 18 ; served throughout Abyssinian Expedition and in command on Red Sea and Persian Gulf sta. tions until 1878; was transferred to Burmah 1879- and appointed Staff Officer E. Div. 1882 ; trans- ferred to W. Div. 1884, and assisted in fitting out 2nd Souakin Expedition (thanked for ser- vices) ; served with Burmah Expedition 1885-6 as senior Transport Officer (medal and D.S.O.); has been Dep. -Director of Marine at Calcutta, since 1887 : m. 18 , Jane, da. of the late Weston Grimshaw, Esq., of Mossley, co. Antrim ; cr. D.S.O. 1887. Calcutta; Bombay Club. CAMPBELL, Col. Colin, C.B., son of the late Capt. Colin Campbell; b. 1838; entered Army 1855, became Capt. 1866, Major 1879, Lieut.-Col. 1881 (h.p. 1883), and Col. 1885 ; retired 1889 ; commanded 7th Dragoon Guards throughout Egyptian Campaign 1882 (medal with clasp and 3rd class Medjidie) ; was A.A.G. for recruiting at Dublin 1884-9 : m. 1864, Isabella, da. of James Watson, Esq., of Inchyra, co. Perth ; cr. C.B. 1882. United Service Club. CAMPBELL, Col. Colin Charles, D.S.O. ; b. 1842 ; entered Madras Army 1860, became Capt. M.S.C. (now I.S.C.) 1872, Major 1880, Lieut.-Col. 1886, and Col. 1891 : served in Burmese Expedition 1885 (mentioned in des- patches) ; cr. D.S.O. 1887. CAMPBELL, Col. , David Wilkinson, C.I.E., son of the late John Campbell, Esq., Comptroller of H.M.'s Customs, Greenock, N.B. ; b. 1832 ; is Hon. Col. E. Indian Railway Vol., Agent E. India Railway, and a M.I.C.E. ; cr. C.I.E. 1883. Bengal (Calcutta) Club. CAMPBELL, Capt. Henry John Fletcher, C.B., son of Henry Fletcher Campbell, Esq. ; b. 1837; entered R.N. 1849, became Com. 1870, and Capt. 1879 ! retired 1888 ; served in Baltic during Russian War 1854 (medal), in Black Sea 1854-5 and present at siege of Sebastopol (medal with clasp and Turkish medal) ; commanded Naval Brig, in Zulu War 1878-9 (medal and mentioned in despatches) ; is a J.P. and D L. for co. Stirling ; cr. C.B. 1879. Boquhan, Stirling, N.B. ; United Service, and Neiv {Edinburgh) Chibs. CAMPBELL, James Duncan, C.M.G., son of the late Major Robert Campbell ( Craig - nish) ; b. 1833 ; ed. at Cheltenham Coll., at Paris, and at Heidelberg ; was in Audit Office prior to 1862 ; is Commr. in England of Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs, and Com. of Legion of Honour in France, and of the Conception in Portugal ; has Red Button of second class Chi- nese Civil Rank, and Order of Double Dragon (2nd class 2nd div.) : in. 1870, Ellen Mary, da. of the late T. R. Lewis, Esq.; cr. C.M.G. 1885. 18, Clanricardc Gardens, IV.; 8, Storey's Gate, S. W. CAMPBELL, James Macnabb, C.F.E., LL.D., son of the late Rev. John McLeod Campbell, D.D. ; b. 1846 ; ed. at Glasgow Univ." (M.A. 1867, LL.D. 1885) ; entered Bom. C. S. 1869 ; is Sup. of Stamps and Stationery, and Income Tax Commr., Bombay; compiled the "Bombay Gazetteer;" cr. C.I.E. 1885.