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756 COMPAXJOXAGE. Panck Mahals, Bombay; a;f India United Service Club. t'AMPBELL.-S'wr^.-J/tf/.John, M.D.^C.B.: r. 18 ; entered Med. Ser. of Bengal Army 1840; j retired as Surg.-Maj. 1846 ; cr. C.B. 1858. CAMPBELL, Col. Robert Byng Patricia Price, C.B., son of the late Col. John Campbell, Madras Army, and representative of the family of the Campbells of Kinloch, Perthshire ; ^.1838 ; entered Bengal Army 1855, became Capt. B.S.C. (now I.S.C.) 1867, Major 1875, Lieut. -Col. 1879, an d Col. 1883 ; served throughout Indian Mutiny 1857-9, present at sieges of Delhi and Lucknow (medal with two clasps), in X. W. Frontier of India Campaign 1859-60 (medal with clasp), in Hazara Campaign 1868 (mentioned in Despatches), in Jowaki Expedition 1877-8 (men- tioned in despatches, thanks of Govt., clasp) and during Afghan War 1878-80, present at capture of AH Musjid, actions about Cabul and defence of Sharpur and Charariab (mentioned in despatches, medal with two clasps) : ;. 1874, Ada Murray, da. of L. G. A. Campbell, Esq., of Fan-field, Ayrshire : cr. C.B. 1887. United Service and East India United Service Clubs. CAMPION, Rear-Adm. Hubert, C.B. t son of T. Campion, Esq., of Exeter ; b. 1825; entered R.N. 1842, became Lieut. 1849, Com. 1855, Capt. 1863, and Retired Rear-Adm. 1878 ; served in all operations in Black Sea during Crimean War 1854-5 (medal, Turkish medal, Legion of Honour and 5th class Medjidie) ; is Sec. to Royal Navy Scripture Readers' So. : in. 1860, Elizabeth, who d. 1888, da. of Com. J. Gilmore, R.N., of the Priory, Walthamstow ; cr. C.B. 1879. 8, Marlborough Road, Lee, Kent. CAREW, Capt. George O'Brien Theodore, C.I.E., son of J. E. Carew, Esq., sculptor; b. 1829; entered Indian Navy 1846, became Lieut. 1855, and Capt. in Indian Marine 1881 ; ap- pointed Sup. of Govt. Dockyard 1879, and Dep. Director of Indian Marine with charge of Govt. Dockyard, Calcutta, 1882 ; served in command of Naval Brig, through Indian Mutiny (medal) ; is a J.P. for Bombay City, a member of Port Trust and Resident Transport Officer, and a J.P. and Port Commr. for Calcutta City: tit. 1858, the el. da. of Gen. Sir John Hearsay, K.C.B. ; cr. C.I.E. 1884. i, Garden Reach Calcutta ; Military and Royal Naval Club ; Bengal United Club (Calcutta). CAREW, Col. Reginald POLE- [see Pole, Bart., colls.]. CAREW, Brig.-Surg.-Lieut.-Col. Richard Hugh, D.S.O.; b. 1841; entered Army Med. Depart. 1865, became Surgeon 1873, Surg.- Major 1877, and Brig.-Surg.-Lieut.-Col. 1891 ; served with Abyssinian Expedition iS68, and with Sikkim Expedition 1888 ; cr. D.S.O. 1889. CAREY, Col. William, C.B., son of the late Maj.-Gen. Sir Octavius Carey, C.B., K.C.H. ; b. 1833; ed. at Royal Mil. Acad., Woolwich ; entered R.A. 1851, became Capt. 1858, Major, 1872, Lieut. -Col. 1877, and Col. 1881 ; retired 1891 ; served during the Afghan War, commanding R.A. Lines of Communica- tion Aug. to Dec. 1880, and afterwards at Candahar (medal), and with Burmah Expedition 1885-7, as Col. on Staff, and Col. Comdg. R.A. when he rendered valuable reconnoitring ser- vices and equipped the land siege train for service on the water (medal, thanked by Govt. of India) : in. 1864, Julia, da. of Lieut. -Col. William Hewett [see Hewett, Bart., cr. 1812] ; cr. C.B. 1886. United Scniicc Club. CARLETOX, Gen. Henry Alexander; C.B., son of the late Francis Carleton, Esq., of Clare, co. Tipperary ; b. 1814 ; entered Bengal Artil- lery 1830, becameCapt. 1845, MajonSss, Lieut. - Col. R.A.i6 5 S,Col. 1863, Maj.-Gen. 1868, Lieut.- Gen. 1877. Gen. 1879, and Col. Comdt. 1882 ; served with Expedition against Peshawur fron- tier tribes 1851, and commanded Bengal Artil. siege train at capture of Lucknow 1858, and Artillery at action of Nawabgunge (twice men- tioned in despatches, and medal with clasp) : in. 1855, Elizabeth, who d. 1878, da. of the late Armor Boyle, Esq., of Dundrum ; cr. C.B. 1858. 12, Marlborough Buildings, Bath; United Se>~i<ice Club. CARMICHAEL, Charles Paget, C.S.I., son of the late Hon. David Scott Carmichael- Smyth, a judge of the Sudder Dewanny Adalut. Calcutta ; b. 1829 : ed. at Harrow, and at Hailey- bury Coll. ; served in B.C.S. 1849-84 : in. ist, 1853, Georgina Rebecca, who d. 1884, el. da. of the Rev. Edward Judge, Chaplain of Simon's Bay, Cape of Good Hope ; 2nd, 1887, Anna- bella Violet, who d. 1890, da. of the late John Crofton, Esq. ; cr. C.S.I. 1882. CARMICHAEL, Col. James Dodington, C.B., son of the late Hon. David Scott Car- michael-Smyth, Judge of the Sudder Dewanny, Calcutta ; b. 1820 ; entered Army 183-, and retired as Col. 1863 ; served with 32nd Regt. in operations before Mooltan (wounded) and at Goojerat, &c. (medal with two clasps), on Peshawur frontier 1851-2 (medal with clasp), and throughout Oude Campaign 1858 (mentioned in despatches, and medal) ; was sometime D.Q.M.G. at Alexandria: ;. ist, 1860, Barre, who d. 186-, da. of Major Latter; 2nd, 1869, Teresa Anne, da. of the late Thomas Morris. Esq., of Crome Hall, Gloucester, and widow of Capt. J. S. Scott, 32nd Regt. ; cr. C.B. 1859. CARXAC, John Henry RIVETT-, C.I.E. [see Rivett-Carnac, Bart., colls.]. CARXEGY, Lieut. -Gen. Alexander, C.B. [see E. Northesk, colls.]. CARPENTER, Alfred, D.S.O., son of the late Charles Carpenter, Esq., R. N., formerly J.P., for Sussex and Cornwall ; b. 1847 > entered R.N. 1861, became Lieut. 1870, and Com. 1883 ; served in Challenger Scientific Expedition (Albert Medal, and class, for saving life) ; in Soudan Expedition 1884, in command of " Myr- midon " (medal, and thanks of Admiralty), and whilst in charge of Marine Survey of India piloted the war flotilla to Mandalay and Bhamo 1885 (specially mentioned in despatches, medal): in. ist, 1879, Henrietta Maud, who d. 1889, da. of G. A. F. Shadwell, Esq. ; 2nd, 1891 ^theldreda, da., of His Honour Judge Cox, of Marl Field House, Tollbridge, Kent ; cr. D.S.O. 1887. CARR, Col. George, C.B. : b. 18 ; entered Madras Army 1825, and retired as Col. 1861 ; cr. C.B. 1861. CARRINGTON, John Worrell, C.ALG., D.C.L., younger son of the late Nathaniel Thomas Worrell Carrington, Esq., of Industry Plantation, St. Joseph's, Barbados ; b. 1847 ; ed. at Codrington Coll., Barbados, and at Lin- coln Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1872, M.A 1891. Hon. D.C.L. Durham 1879); Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1872, and a Q.C. for British Guiana 18 ; acted as Judge of Assist. Court of Appeal, Barbados 1874-5, an d again in 1879 ; was a Member of House of Assembly, Barbados, 1874-8, when he was nominated a M.L.C. ; appointed Solicitor- Gen, of Barbados 1878, and acted as Attorney- Gen. 1 880- 1 ; has been thanked by Sec. of State and Gov.-in-Ch. for his services in con- nection with Education in that Colony ; was Ch. Justice of St. Lucia and Tobago 1882-9, since when he has been Attorney-Gen, of British Guiana ; appointed Chancellor of the Diocese of British Guiana 1890; administered Govt. of Tobago 1883-5 ; engaged, under the sanction of