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Your disrespectful sneers—
Don't go!
Call forth indignant tears!
Don't go!
You break our laws—
You are our foe!
We cry, because
We hate you so!
You know!
You very wicked Peers!
Don't go!


You break our laws,
You are our foe:
We cry because
We hate you so!
You know!
You very wicked peers!
Don't go!

Lords Mount. and Toll.

We break their laws,
They are our foe:
They cry because
They hate us so!
Oh, ho!
If that's the case my dears,
We'll go!

Exeunt Mountararat, Tolloller, and Peers. Fairies gaze wistfully after them. Enter Fairy Queen.

Queen. Oh, shame shame upon you! Is this your fidelity to the laws you are bound to obey? Know ye not that it is death to marry a mortal?
Leila. Yes, but it's not death to wish to marry a mortal!
Fleta. If it were, you'd have to execute us all!
Queen. Oh, this is weakness! Subdue it!
Celia. We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!
Leila. We are not all as tough as you are!
Queen. Tough! Do you suppose that I am insensible to the effect of manly beauty? Look at that man (referring to sentry) A perfect picture! (To sentry) Who are you, Sir?
Willis. (Coming to "attention.")  Private Willis, B company, 1st Grenadier Guards.
Queen. You're a very fine fellow, sir.
Willis. I am generally admired.
Queen. I can quite understand it. (To Fairies) Now here is a man whose physical attributes are simply god-like. That man has a most extraordinary effect upon me. If I yielded to a natural impulse, I should fall down and worship that man. But I mortify this inclination: I wrestle with it, and it lies beneath my feet! That is how I treat my regard for that man!

Song—Fairy Queen.

Oh, foolish fay,
Think you, because
His brave array
My bosom thaws,