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Sap, New Theory of the Flow of 767
Science and Education, Liberty of 107
Science and Mental Improvement 96
Science in the English Schools 558
Science in Relation to Teaching 621
Science, The Dread and Dislike of 410
Scientific Courses of Study 187
Scientific Study of Human Testimony 53
Scientific Study of Human Testimony 173
Scientific Study of Human Testimony 328
Sea-Side Studies. (Illustrated.) 312
Sedgwick on "Vestiges of Creation" 242
Senses, Hallucinations of the 698
Septic Organism, a New 511
Setting Tires with Hot Water 122
Sewer-Building 121
Shaw, G. M., Sound and Words 43
Silk-School Farm 759
Snake-affection 126
Sound and Words. (Illustrated.) 43
Sound, Magnifying 367
Sparrow, The English 637
Spider, a Magnetized 126
Spence, P., Voluntary Motion 444
Spencer, H., Ceremonial Government 25
Spencer, H., Ceremonial Government 146
Spencer, H., Ceremonial Government 292
Spencer, H., Consciousness Under Chloroform 694
Steam-Engine, Growth of the 64
Sterne, Cams, Artificial Precious Stones 539
Stockwell, G. A., The Cardiff Giant and Other Frauds 197
Streets and Sewers, Disinfection of 250
Studies of Embryo Life 382
Study of the Brain 237
Subterranean Water-Courses 124
Sun-Worship Among the Moquis 378

Teleological Ideas, How Acquired 760
Tenney, S., Sea-Side Studies 312
Teredo, The, and its Depredations. (Illustrated.) 400
Teredo, The, and its Depredations. (Illustrated.) 545
Testimony, Scientific Study of 53
Testimony, Scientific Study of 173
Testimony, Scientific Study of 328
Thurston, P. H., The Growth of the Steam-Engine 64
Timber Preserved by Creosote 382
Timber, Rapid Decay of 639
Tires, Setting, with Hot Water 122
Tissandier, G., Liquefaction of the Gases 78
Tracy, R. S., Pain in Drowning 93
Tracy, R. S., Pain in Hanging 349
Tracy, R. S., Yellow Fever 714
Trout, Bird-Eating 124
Tyndall, J., Recent Experiments on Fog-Signals 275

Variability of the Nebulae 251
Vaughan, D., Astronomical History of Worlds 571
Vestiges of Creation, Sedgwick on 242