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Minerals, Artificial Production of 857
Miners, Diseases of 717
Mining, Prehistoric, in North Carolina 568
Mirage, The, on Swiss Lakes 286
Monday-Lectureship Philosophy 556
Moon, Changes on the 710
Morgan, Lewis H., Sketch of 114
Morris, Charles 80
Morris, Charles 783
Motion, Optical Illusions of 519
Motors, Domestic (O. M. Lungren) 217
Motors, Domestic (O. M. Lungren) 323
Motors, Domestic (O. M. Lungren) 483
Muscle, Mode of Termination of Nerves in 853
Musical Valley, A 429
Music, Oriental 237
Myer, Albert J., Sketch of 408
Mythological Crows, A Flock of 43

Naturalists, The Felicity of 821
Notes 143
Notes 287
Notes 431
Notes 575
Notes 719
Notes 863
Nuisances, Municipal, The Problem of 585

Ocean-Currents, The, of Greenland and Iceland 710
Oceanica, The Black Races of 744
Ocean, Variability of the Level of the 718
Oil-Plants of French Guiana 384
Organic Form, The Evolution of 80
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 303
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 456
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 577
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 753
Oysters, The Green Color of 855

Parsons, Samuel, Jr. 797
Pearce, S. Austen, Mus. Doc, Oxon 237
Peckham, The New Mineral 861
Peirce, Professor Benjamin, Sketch of 691
Photography, Progress in 570
Physical Education (Oswald) 303
Physical Education (Oswald) 456
Physical Education (Oswald) 577
Physical Education (Oswald) 753
Physical Education (Editor) 418
Plants, Darwin on the Movements of 498
Plants, the Relative Hardiness of 797
Plow and Wheel-Carriage, Origin of the (Tylor) 448
Pneumonia, Elevator 854
Political Institutions, The Development of (H. Spencer) 1
Political Institutions, The Development of (H. Spencer) 145
Political Institutions, The Development of (H. Spencer) 289
Political Institutions, The Development of (H. Spencer) 433
Political Institutions, The Development of (H. Spencer) 624
Political Institutions, The Development of (H. Spencer) 721
Political Science 125
Popular Miscellany 137
Popular Miscellany 277
Popular Miscellany 424
Popular Miscellany 567
Popular Miscellany 707
Popular Miscellany 851
Pottery, Types of 138
Pourtales, Count, Sketch of 549
Powell, J. W. 114
Progress, Human, The Forces of 553
Publications Received 137
Publications Received 276
Publications Received 424
Publications Received 566
Publications Received 707
Publications Received 850

Quarantine, and Systematic Medical Inspection 861

Rainfall, Relation of Elevation and Exposure to 714
Reading, What the Eye sees in 262