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Books noticed: PAGE
"New Check-List of North American Moths" (Grote) 563
"House-Drainage" (Gerhard) 564
"Diagram for Sewer Calculations" (Gerhard) 564
"New Method of learning the French Language" (Berger) 564
"Chapters on Evolution" (Wilson) 564
"Dress and Care of the Feet" (Kahler) 565
"Report of the Maryland Fish Commissioner" (Ferguson) 565
"Report of the Wisconsin Board of Health" 565
"Youth: Its Care and Culture" (Mortimer-Granville) 565
"Report of the Detroit Board of Health" 586
"American Citizens' Manual" (Ford) 566
"Railroad Economics" (Robinson) 566
"Strength of Wrought-Iron Bridges" (Robinson) 566
"Potable Water" (Folkard) 566
"Ottawa Field Naturalists' Club" 566
"Report of the Ninth Cincinnati Industrial Exhibition" 566
"Practical Life and the Study of Man" (Wilson) 567
"Schelling's Transcendental Idealism" (Watson) 567
"Speech and its Defects" (Potter) 567
"The Magazine of Art" 567
"Revue Scientifique" 568
"Facts and Phases of Animal Life" (Morwood) 704
"Swift" (Stephen) 705
"Herbert Spencer on American Nervousness" (Beard) 706
"History of the Pacific States of North America." Central America. (Bancroft) 707
"Anatomy of Birds" (Shufeldt) 708
"American Society of Microscopists 708
"Poems" (Savage) 708
"Work at Harvard Observatory" (Pickering) 708
"Gospel of the Stars" (Seiss) 709
"Education, Moral" (Buchanan) 710
"Report of the Peabody Museum" 710
"Lectures on Art" 711
"The Factors of Civilization" 711
"American Hero-Myths 711
"Wide Awake" 712
"Report on Six Hundred Tornadoes" 712
"The Science of Politics" (Amos) 850
"Description of Houghton Farm" (H. E. A.) 851
"Anatomical Technology" (Wilder and Gage) 853
"Experimental Physiology" (Owen) 853
"Physics, and Occult Qualities" (Taylor) 853
"Barometric Hypsometry" 854
"The Eleventh Commandment" (Barrili) 854
"Signal-Service Tables" (Dunwoody) 854
"A Study of Tennyson's 'The Princess'" (Dawson) 854
"Text-Book of Geology" (Geikie) 855
"Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College" 856
"Quintus Claudius" (Eckstein) 856
"Traits of Representative Men" (Bungay) 856