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Books noticed: PAGE
"Natural Cure of Consumption, Bright's Disease, etc." (Page) 712
"The Medico-Legal Journal" 712
"Van Loan's Catskill Mountain Guide" 713
"Political Economy" (Walker) 713
"Mastery" 713
"A Visit to Ceylon" (Haeckel) 713
"The Maintenance of Health" (Fothergill) 714
"Descriptive Sociology" (Spencer) 852
"Thermal Springs of the Yellowstone National Park" (Peale) 855
"The Diseases of the Liver" (Harley) 855
"American Museum of Natural History" 855
"Saxon Tithing-Men in America" (Adams) 856
"Medical Economy during the Middle Ages" (Fort) 856
"A Dictionary of Practical Medicine" (Quain) 856
Bosworth, R. S. 409
Boundaries, The, of Astronomy 94
Boundaries, The, of Astronomy 239
Boyesen, H. H. 237
Boys, C. Vernon, Esq. 365
Brain-Health 572
Brain-Work, On, and Hand-Work 104
Brain-Work under Pressure 862
Bridge, The East River, Constructive Elements of 385
Bridge, The Great, and its Lessons 339
Buchner, Max 399
Burial, A Premature 143
Burmese Animal Life 142
Buttercup, From, to Monk's hood 65

Cahall, W. C., M.D. 86
Campbell, Cl. T. 700
Carpenter, F. D. Y. 453
Cat-Lore 573
Catskill Mountain-Tops, Vegetation of the 283
Chambers, Prehistoric Underground 570
Channing, W. F., M.D. 540
Chase, Pliny Earle 268
Cheesman, James 354
Chemistry and Pharmacy 46
Civilization, Traits of Ancient American 861
Clothing and the Atmosphere 787
Cities, Ancient, in Guatemala 428
Coal, How the Ancient Forests became 56
Cod-Mountain, A, in the Sea 715
Coins, Antique, Baron Stjerstedt's 282
Color-Blindness, Some Peculiarities of 573
Colors, Association of, with Sounds 490
Combustion, Spontaneous 716
Constitutions, Written and Unwritten 267
Consumptives, Florida as a Health Resort for 114
Cookery, The Chemistry of 214
Cookery, The Chemistry of 373
Cookery, The Chemistry of 509
Cookery, The Chemistry of 586
Cookery, The Chemistry of 818