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Books noticed: PAGE
"Manual of Assaying Gold, Silver, Copper, and Lead Ores" (Brown) 423
"Experiments with Kerosene on Insects of the Orange-Tree and Cotton-Plant" (Riley) 423
"Shade-Trees, Indigenous Shrubs, and Vines" (Stewart) 423
"Professional Papers of the Corps of Engineers of the United States Army" 423
"Astronomical Papers" (Newcomb) 423
"The Bacteria" (Burrill) 423
"The Q. P. Index Annual for 1882" 424
"Notes of Talks on Teaching" (Parker) 559
"Anniversary Address, Class of 1832, Union College" (West) 561
"The Life of James Clerk Maxwell" (Campbell and Garnett) 561
"Oliver Wendell Holmes, Poet, Litterateur, Scientist" (Kennedy) 561
"Methods of Social Reform," etc. (Jevons) 562
"Inquiries into Human Faculty and its Development" (Galton) 562
"Wealth-Creation" (Mongredien) 563
"Alcoholic Inebriety, from a Medical Stand-point" (Parrish) 563
"Catalogue of Publications of the Smithsonian Institution" (Rhees) 564
"The Leading Men of Japan" (Lanman) 564
"The Builder's Guide and Estimator's Price-Book" (Hodgson) 564
"First-Year Arithmetic-Teacher's Manual" (Hoose) 565
"Astronomy corrected" (Philbrook) 565
"Lowest Forms of Water Animals" (D'Anvers) 565
"Compendium of the Tenth Census" 565
"Geological Survey of New Jersey, 1882" (Cook) 565
"Report of the Chief Signal-Officer" (1880) 566
"'The Jewelers' Circular and Horological Review" (Hopkinson) 566
"The Physiology of Protoplasmic Motion" (Englemann) 566
"Lectures to the Employés of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company" (Martin, Sewell, Sedgwick, and Brooks) 567
"The Unending Genesis" (Simmons) 567
"Proceedings of the Davenport Academy of Sciences 567
"Proposed Ordinance, Rules and Regulations for Plumbing, in Philadelphia 567
"Appalachia," April, 1883 567
"Outline of Qualitative Analysis" (Stoddard) 568
"The Advanced Question-Book" (South wick) 568
"Parish Institutions in Maryland" (Ingle) 568
"Old Maryland Manors (Johnson) 568
"Life of Sir William E. Logan" (Harrington) 709
"On Work and Wages" (Brassey) 709
"The Religion of Humanity" (Frey) 710
"The Cause of Variation" (Curtis) 710
"Notes on Evolution and Christianity" (Yorke) 710
"Eve's Daughters" (Harland) 711
"Legal Provisions respecting the Examination and Licensing of Teachers 711
"Bacteria, and the Germ-Theory of Disease" (Gradle) 711
"School-Books on Physiology and Hygiene" (Chaille) 712
"The American Trotting-Horse" (Brewer) 712