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Electro-Magnetic Action, The Medium of. Pop. Misc. 717
Errors, Origin of some General. S. Exner 819
Eskimos, Art and Fun of the. Pop. Misc. 715
Etching on Glass. Pop. Misc. 423
Evans, T. Johnston. The Home of the Ferns 814
Evolution as taught in a Theological Seminary. Rollo Ogden 754
Exner, S. Origin of some General Errors 819
Expression in Infants. Pop. Misc. 429
Eye-sight, Modern Deterioration of. Pop. Misc. 717

Falke, J. von. The History of the Fork 831
Famines and Irrigation in India. Pop. Misc. 428
Fernald, Frederik A. "Christian Science," "Koreshan Science," etc. Cor. 268
Ferns, The Home of the. T. J. Evans 814
Fielde, Adele M. Farm-Life in China 323
Fire-proof Houses in Buenos Ayres. Pop. Misc. 571
Fire-proof, What is? Pop. Misc. 137
Fires, Incendiary, Monthly Distribution of. Pop. Misc. 712
Fishing in the Greek Islands. Pop. Misc. 861
Flowers, Economical Uses of. Pop. Misc. 286
Forest Growths, Origin of New. Pop. Misc. 857
Forestry in Spain. Pop. Misc. 286
Forestry in the Cape Colony. Pop. Misc. 573
Fork, The History of the. J. von Falke 831
Funerals, Alpine. Pop. Misc. 713
Fungi. T. H. McBride 187
Fungi. T. H. McBride 350

Geology, Some Modern Aspects of. G. H. Williams 640
Glacier, The, of Mount Tacoma. Pop. Misc. 857
Glaciers on the Pacific Coast. G. F. Wright 155
Glaciers, The Canadian Lakes and the. Pop. Misc. 422
Glaciers, The Selkirk Mountains and their. Pop. Misc. 569
Glass-Blowing by Machinery. Pop. Misc. 571
Glass-Making. C. H. Henderson 16
Gnawers, The, of the Selkirk Mountains. Pop. Misc. 862
Gobi, The Desert of, and the Himalayas. F. E, Younghusband 111
Goldie, John. Pop. Misc. 284
Gore, J. Howard. Anthropology at Washington 786
Gorilla, A Tame. Pop. Misc. 718

Hammocks, Yucatan. Pop. Misc. 137
"Heaps of Joy," The, of Saint-Pilon. Pop. Misc. 573
Henderson, C. Hanford. The History of a Picture Window 16
"The Spirit of Manual Training 433
Hoffmann, Friedrich. Botanical Gardens 105
Household Products, Museums of. R. Virchow 617
Houzeau, J. C. Fabulous Astronomy 194
Hudson, A. S. Animal Altruism. Cor. 409
Huxley, Thomas Henry. Agnosticism: a Rejoinder 163
"Agnosticism and Christianity 447
"The Value of Witness to the Miraculous 601