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Huxley and Pasteur on the Prevention of Hydrophobia 663
Huxley, Prof. An Explanation to. W. C. McGee 349
Hydrophobia, Huxley and Pasteur on the Prevention of 663

Identification by Thumb-Marks. Pop. Misc. 428
India-Rubber, American. Pop. Misc. 140
Inebriate Asylums and their Work. Pop. Misc. 862
Insane, Criminal Responsibility of the. Pop. Misc. 425
Insensibility, The Advantages of. Pop. Misc. 570
Intellectual Integrity. Editor's Table 124

Japanese Magic Mirrors. G. O. Rogers. Cor. 123
Johnstown Disaster, The. Editor's Table 554

Kinship in Polynesia. C. N. Starcke 392
Kitchen-Garden, The Girl's. Pop. Misc. 713

Laboratory, Dangers of the. Pop. Misc. 426
Lakes, Distribution of, on the Globe. Pop. Misc. 427
Lakes, The Canadian, and the Glaciers. Pop. Misc. 422
Larrabee, William H. The Bronze Age in Sweden 778
"The Stone Age in Heathen Sweden 504
"The Surface Tension of Liquids 591
Langen, G. A Corner of the Dutch East Indies 685
Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent, Sketch of 548
Lead-Poisoning. Pop. Misc. 424
Le Bon, Gustave. The Influence of Race in History 495
Leigh, C. W. "Christian Science," "Koreshan Science," etc. Cor. 268
Le Sueur, W. D. Mr. Mallock on Optimism 531
Lewis, Henry Carvill, Sketch of 401
Liberty, Civil, What is? W. G. Sumner 289
Life, The Art of prolonging. R. Roose 759
Life, The Interdependence of. Pop. Misc. 716
Lightning, An Anti-, Cage. Pop. Misc. 860
Linnæus, Carolus, Sketch of 835
Liquids, The Surface Tension of. W. H. Larrabee 591
Lovering, Joseph, Sketch of 690
Lyford, Edwin F. Sense of Direction in Ants. Cor. 123

McAnally, D. R. Industrial Family Names 808
McBride, T. H. Fungi: I. Toadstools and Mushrooms 187
""II. Microscopic Forms 350
McGee, W. C. An Explanation to Prof. Huxley 349
Mallock, W. H. "Cowardly Agnosticism." A Word with Prof. Huxley 225
Manual Training, Mental Growth from. Editor's Table 555
Manual Training, The Spirit of. C. H. Henderson 433
Mars, The Strange Markings on. G. P. Serviss 41
Mathews, Robert. The Position of the Agnostic. Cor. 269
Medicines, Old and New Fashioned Ideas in. Pop. Misc. 139
Medicine, Some of the Limitations of. S. S. Burt 396