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Mental Powers of Criminals. Pop. Misc. 570
Mexican Porters. Pop. Misc. 712
Milk, Mischief-makers in. A. B. Tweedy 211
Miller, Olive Thorne. A Study from Life 577
Mills, Wesley. Digestion and Related Functions 795
Mind, Muscle and. F. E. White 377
Miraculous, The Value of Witness to the. T. H. Huxley 601
Motion, The Pleasure of. P. Souriaou 824
Mother, A. Awakening Thought. Cor. 409
Müller, Robert. Life at the Cameroons 748

Names, Industrial Family. D. R. McAnally 808
Navajo Tanner, A. Pop. Misc. 858
Nicoll, Edward Holland. The Chinook Language or Jargon 257
Nile Floods, Proposed Storage of. Pop. Misc. 718
Notes 143
Notes 287
Notes 431
Notes 575
Notes 718
Notes 863
Obituary Notes 144
Obituary Notes 288
Obituary Notes 432
Obituary Notes 576
Obituary Notes 720
Obituary Notes 864
Ogden, Rollo. Evolution as taught in a Theological Seminary 754
Okie, J. Blood-Vengeance and Pardon in Albania 529
Optimism, Mr. Mallock on. W. D. Le Sueur 531
Orchids. Pop. Misc. 423
Oswald, Felix L. The Wastes of Modern Civilization 514
Oswald, Felix L. The Wastes of Modern Civilization 621
Otter at Home, The. Pop. Misc. 715
Oyster Garden, The, of Arcachon. Pop. Misc. 858

Page, John. Savage Life in South America 542
Parks, A Practical View of. Pop. Misc. 426
Partridge, The Buddhist Story of the. Pop. Misc. 141
Pasteur, Huxley and, on the Prevention of Hydrophobia 663
Pensions for All M. M. Trumbull 721
Phrenology, The Old and the New. M. A. Starr 730
Philpott, Henry J. Origin of the Rights of Property 666
Picture-Window, The History of a. 0. H. Henderson 16
Pilgrim, Charles W. A Study of Suicide 303
Plants, The Defensive Armor of. H. de Varigny 522
Play 'Possum? Do Squirrels. Pop. Misc. 572
"Playing 'Possum." H. L. Roberts. Cor. 122
Poison, Arrow. Pop. Misc. 429
Preserving Timber from Moisture. Pop. Misc. 136
Propagation, The Artificial, of Sea-Fishes. W. K. Brooks 359
Property, Origin of the Rights of. H. J. Philpott 666
Protection, The Ethical View of. H. Smith 626
Psychological Laboratory, Wundt's, Studies at. Pop. Misc. 861
Publications received 135
Publications received 283
Publications received 421
Publications received 567
Publications received 710
Publications received 855

Race, The Influence of, in History. G. Le Bon 495
Railway Maladjustments. B. Reece 367
Rattlesnake-Poison, Whisky no Antidote for. Pop. Misc. 140
Reece, Benjamin. Railway Maladjustments 367
Roberts, H. L. "Playing 'Possum." Cor. 122