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Brain, Centers of Ideation in the* B. Hollander 514
Bridge, A Papuan. (Misc.) 571
Brooks, Margarette W. Insect Pests of the House* 333

California and its Mines. (Misc.) 856
Canada, The Unexplored Regions of. (Misc.) 717
Caprices of Soils. (Misc.) 856
Carlisle, The Lord Bishop of. Wallace on "Darwinism" 75
Cats and their Friendships.* W. H. Larrabee 91
Cements, Natural and Artificial. L. F. Griffin 253
Chemistry, Who should study. (Misc.) 573
Child, Addison. Vitiated Moral Teaching. (Corr.) 408
Chisholm, George G. Commercial Geography of South America 391
Church, The Lights of the, and the Light of Science. T. H. Huxley 631
Civic Evolution, The Circle of. (Misc.) 565
Clark, The late Henry James. (Misc.) 138
Claypole, Mrs. Katharine B. Recent Glacial Work in Europe 103
Clayton, H. Helm. Public Schools as affecting Crime and Vice. (Corr.) 122
Cloud-Bursts. (Misc.) 281
Coffee in Brazil. (Misc.) 142
Coffin-Nails. (Misc.) 283
Color, Animal, The Uses of. E. B. Poulton 533
Commencement Days, Four. (Misc.) 567
Corporation Law, Concerning. A. G. Warner 323
Cotton-Spinning South and North. H. V. Meigs 798
Crystallization seen in the Act. (Misc.) 717

"Darwinism," Wallace on. The Lord Bishop of Carlisle 75
Dawson, Sir William, on Evolution. (Editor's Table) 841
Descartes, René, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 833
Discovery, The, of Invisible Worlds. H. J. Klein 501
Dishes, Odd, of the Olden Time. (Misc.) 284
Doctors, The Unselfishness of. (Misc.) 713
Doctrine of Spirits in New Guinea, The. (Misc.) 859
Earth-Carving, Nature's. (Misc.) 423

"Earthly Tabernacle," The. O. T. Miller 763
Economics, Practical. (Editor's Table) 123
Education and Crime. A. W. Gould 211
Education, Requisites of a Real. (Misc.) 569
Ennis, Jacob. (Misc.) 137
Evans, E. P. King Bomba's Philosophical Catechism 618
Evolution and the Distribution of Animals. D. S. Jordan 313
Evolution and the Distribution of Animals. D. S. Jordan 505
Evolution of Chemical Truth. L. Olivier 814
Experimental Methods, Instruction by. (Misc.) 563
Expert Witness, Position of the. (Misc.) 428

Fairies, Slavonian. F. S. Kraus 684
Fall of Man, The, and Anthropology. A. D. White 577
Fall of Man, The, and Anthropology. A. D. White 721