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Miller, Olive Thome. The "Earthly Tabernacle" 763
Minor, Francis. Evidences of Glacial Action in Virginia. (Corr.) 551
Missions and Mission Indians of California.* H. W. Henshaw 465
Moral Issue, A. (Editor's Table) 410
Moral Teaching, Vitiated. (Corr.). Addison Child 408
Mosquito Pest, Can the, be mitigated? 679
Mosquitoes, Dragon-Flies and. (Misc.) 714
Mounds of the Mississippi Basin. (Misc.) 564
Mothers and Natural Science. M. A. Aber 788
Mouth-slitting Botocudos, The. (Misc.) 858
Museum of the University of Pennsylvania. (Misc.) 283
Musical Sense, The, in Animals and Men. A. Weismann 352
Musical Visions. (Misc.) 572

"Nampa Image," The Genuineness of the. (Misc.) 718
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 145
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 289
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 577
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 721
New Guinea, Some People of. (Misc.) 716
Nitrogen, Atmospheric, as Food for Plants. (Misc.) 142
Notes 143
Notes 286
Notes 430
Notes 574
Notes 718
Notes 862
Nursing as against Artificial Feeding. (Misc.) 568

Obituary Notes 144
Obituary Notes 288
Obituary Notes 432
Obituary Notes 576
Obituary Notes 720
Obituary Notes 864
Object-Studies in Botany. (Misc.) 142
Olives and their Oil. (Misc.) 141
Olivier, Louis. The Evolution of Chemical Truth 814
Ordeal by chewing Rice, The. (Misc.) 427

Palæolithic Implements in the United States. (Misc.) 425
Pallas Cormorant, The. (Misc.) 860
Pascagoula, The Mysterious Music of. (Corr.). W. M. Meigs 410
Pasteur's Anti-Rabic Treatment, Results of. (Misc.) 716
Peruvian Cloths, Ancient. (Misc.) 568
Pet, A Queer.* E. W. Bellamy 528
Philosophical Catechism, King Bomba's. E. P. Evans 618
Philpott, Henry J. A Little Boys' Game with a Ball 650
Pike, Voracity of a. (Misc.) 427
Pine Belt of New Jersey, The. (Misc.) 858
Poisoned Arrows, The Nature of. (Misc.) 140
Poulton, Edward B. The Uses of Animal Color 533
Pringle, Allen. Artificial Honey and Manufactured Science 70
Prohibition Laws of Iowa, The. (Corr.). J. H. Trewin 551
Puma, Taming The. (Misc.) 429
Pygmies, The African. A. Werner 658

Rabies, Tests and Characteristics of. (Misc.) 566
Reclus, Elisée, Greenland and the Greenlanders* 302
"Some Natives of Australasia* 607
Relative Abundance of the Chemical Elements. (Misc.) 860
Religion, Why so many Definitions of? F. N. Riale 348