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Colored Audition. (Corr.) B. Phillips 267
Colors, Indian Basket. (Misc.) 139
Columbus, The Glory of. (Misc.) 283
Cotton Manufacturing, Adaptability of the South to. (Misc.) 140
Coupin, Henri. The Wandering Jew at the Salpêtrière.* 525
Cramer, Frank. Logical Method in Biology 372
Creation, From, to Evolution. A. D. White 433
Creation, From, to Evolution. A. D. White 721
"The: A Penobscot Indian Myth. A. L. Alger 195
Criminal Woman. H. Zimmern 218
Critic Criticised, A. (Corr.). D. G. Thompson 266
Crocodiles, Alligators, and the Heloderm. (Misc.) 423
Ounisset-Carnot. Birds' Judgments of Men 110

Dairy Industry, Advances in the. (Misc.) 281
Dana, James D. On New England and the Upper Mississippi Basin in the Glacial Period 816
Davis, Charles E. The "Blue Laws" a Myth. (Corr.) 842
Deaf Children, Speech for. L. E. Warren 363
Diet, Vegetable. W. Paget 94
Dietrick, Mrs. Ellen Battelle. The Circassian Slave in Turkish Harems 481
Dobson, W. A. Modern War Vessels of the United States Navy* 164
Dyes, Action of Light on. (Misc.) 568

Earth, How Old is the? W. Upham 153
"The Shape of the, from a Pendulum. J. H. Gore 531
Earthquake Phenomena, Investigation of. (Misc.) 716
Education, A Scheme of. (Misc.) 573
"and "Short Cuts to Eutopia." (Misc.) 862
"Heredity in Relation to. W. Mills 472
"Spencer's, in English Training Colleges. (Misc.) 136
"The Place of Geology in. (Misc.) 572
Egyptian Drawings, The Pose of. (Misc.) 283
Electric Eels, Playing with. (Misc.) 285
Electricity at the World's Fair.* C. M. Lungren 39
Emotions and Infection. Ch. Féré 342
Ericsson, John, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 112
Ethics and the Struggle for Existence. L. Stephen 224
"Biology and. J. C. Browne 671
"Evolution and. T. H. Huxley 18
"Evolution and. T. H. Huxley 178
"Evolutionary. E. Mathews 192
"The, of Tribal Society. E. P. Evans 289
Evans, E. P. The Ethics of Tribal Society 289
Explosions, Coal-dust and. (Misc.) 862

Féré, Ch. Emotions and Infection 342
Finger Marks. (Misc.) 572
Fish Commission, the United States, Work of. (Misc.) 428
"Culture in America and Europe. (Misc.) 286
Fleury, J. The Past and Future of Aluminum 397
Fluorine, Isolation of. (Misc.) 715