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Flying Machine, Requisites of a. (Misc.) 424
"The Problem of, New Lights on.* J. Le Conte 744
Folklore, Pennsylvania. (Misc.) 137
Forests, Sanitary and Climatic Influence of. (Misc.) 426
Fruit Industry, The, in California.* C. H. Shinn 200

Geographical Exploration, The Future of. (Misc.) 718
Geological Society of America. (Misc.) 710
"Formations, Relations of Floras and. (Misc.) 861
Geology, The Position of. J. Prestwich 537
"The World's Congress on. (Misc.) 278
Glacial Period, On New England and the Upper Mississippi Basin in the. J. D. Dana 816
Glacial Period, Subdivisions or Unity of the. (Misc.) 279
""Close of the. (Corr.) R. W. McFarland 841
Gore, J. H. The Shape of the Earth from a Pendulum 531
Government, Efficient, The Conditions of. (Editor's Table) 697
Graham, Douglas. Action of Massage upon the Muscles 677
Greenleaf, James L. Window Lights and their Value 354

Hale, Horatio. Sketch of Sir Daniel Wilson. (With Portrait) 256
Hallopeau, L. A., and A. Poisson. The Essays of Jean Rey 247
Handwriting, Vertical, An Argument for.* J. V. Witherbee 86
Harvard, Expenses at. (Misc.) 142
Harvard Observatory, The. (Misc.) 711
Heating and Ventilation of Electric-lighted Buildings. (Misc.) 427
Herrick, Francis H, Nature at Sea* 69
Hickson, Sidney J. Physical Conditions of the Deep Sea* 461
Himalayan Landscape, A. (Misc.) 430
Hodge, C. F. The Method of Homing Pigeons* 758
Houssay, Frédéric. Industries of Animals* 594
Humphrey, James E. Where Bananas Grow* 486
Huxley, Thomas H. Evolution and Ethics 18
Huxley, Thomas H. Evolution and Ethics 178
""Professor Tyndall 637
Huxley, Prof., and the Late Sir Andrew Clark. (Misc.) 567
"Professor, Evolution in. St. G. Mivart 319
Hypnotism in Remedial Treatment. (Misc.) 282

Ice Age, The, and its Work. A. R. Wallace 681
Ice Age, The, and its Work. A. R. Wallace 781
Indians, The Biloxi. (Misc.) 285
Inductoscripts. (Misc.) 422
Jamaica, The Blue Mountains of. (Misc.) 569
Jordan, David Starr. The Story of Bob* 145
Jordan, David Starr. Sketch of. (With Portrait.) M. B. Anderson 546

Kashmir, The Land of. (Misc.) 857
Kirk wood, Daniel. Laplace's Plan for Perpetual Moonlight 36

Labor Question, Common Sense on the. (Misc.) 858
Leclère, Adhémard. Incidents of Cambodian Life* 776