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Le Conte, Joseph. New Lights on the Problem of Flying* 744
Legal Development, An Illustrative Chapter on. W. W. Billson 802
Le Plongeon, Mrs. A. D. Customs and Superstitions of the Mayas* 661
Library, The World's Fair Model. (Misc.) 280
Life Savers, Uncle Sam's.* F. G. Carpenter 346
Littlehales, G. W, How the Sea is Sounded 334
Lodian, Walter. A Century of the Telegraph in France* 791
Loomis, Lafayette C. Recent Railroad Disasters 314
Lunar Craters, Characteristics of. (Misc.) 429
Lungren, Charles M. Electricity at the World's Fair* 39

Macdonell, Miss Blanche L. Superstitions of the French Canadians 520
McFarland, R. W. Close of the Glacial Period. (Corr.) 841
Man, Fossil.* J. G. Rothermel 616
"The Earliest. (Misc.) 285
Martin, Horace T. The Beaver Eater.* 811
Massage, Action of, upon the Muscles. D. Graham 677
Mathematical Curiosities of the Sixteenth Century. V. Brandicourt 106
Mathews, Robert. Evolutionary Ethics 192
Mayas, Customs and Superstitions of the.* A. D. Le Plongeon 661
Meteorological Station, The Highest, in the World. (Misc.) 859
Mills, Wesley. Heredity in Relation to Education 472
Mineral Resources of Missouri. (Misc.) 573
Mivart, St. George. Evolution in Professor Huxley 319
Molecules, Worlds and. (Misc.) 427
Monteith, John. The Psychology of a Dog 514
Moon of Romance, The. (Editor's Table) 700
Moonlight, Perpetual, Laplace's Plan for. D. Kirkwood 36
Moore, M. V. North and South American Aboriginal Names 81
Morals and the Nervous System. (Misc.) 861
Morgan, Appleton. Abolish all Prohibitive Liquor Laws 577
Moser, E. S. Immaterial Science 84

Nature at Sea.* F. H. Herrick 69
"Co-operation in. (Misc.) 284
Navy, the United States, Modern War Vessels of.* W. A. Dobson 164
Negro Education, Prospects of. (Misc.) 574
Nicholson, Joseph S. State Interference in Social Affairs 196
Night Hawks and Whip-poor-wills.* R. W. Shufeldt 308

Obituary Notes. Daniel Colladon, Henry J. Philpott 288
Traugott Friedrich Kützing, Alexander Strauch, Herman August Hagen 432
Frank Bolles, Samuel Lockwood, Robert Bentley, T. W. Kennard, Marin H. Jansen 720
Heinrich R. Hertz, Pierre Joseph van Beneden, Arthur Milnes Marshall, Paul Henri Fischer, Baron von Bulow 864
Oil Films, Thickness of. (Misc.) 281
Organism, the Living, Concurrence of Parts in. (Misc.) 570
Originality, Conventionalism and. (Misc.) 138
Oyster Supply, The Conservation of our.* R. F. Walsh 1