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I N D E X.

Academy della Crusca, The. (Frag.) 572
Adulteration of Butter with Glucose. (Frag.) 570
Allen, Grant. The Season of the Year 230
America, Middle. Was it Peopled from Asia? E. S. Morse 1
Animals' Bites. (Frag.) 430
Anthropology. Decorated Skulls and the Power ascribed to them (Frag.) 570
"Estrays from Civilization. (Frag.) 573
"Huichol Indians of Jalisco. (Frag.) 574
"Lessons of. (Table) 411
"Pre-Columbian Musical Instruments. E. S. Morse* 712
"Superstitions, Aboriginal, about Bones. (Frag.) 572
"Superstition and Crime. E. P. Evans 206
Archæology. Earliest Writing in France. G. de Mortillet 542
"Lake Dwelling, A Neolithic 856
"Stone Age in Egypt. J. de Morgan 202
Architectural Forms in Nature. S. Dellenbaugh* 63
Astronomical Photographs, A Library of. (Frag.) 717
Astronomy. Bombardment, The Great. C. F. Holder* 506
Atkinson, E. Wheat-growing Capacity of the United States 145
""The Wheat Problem again 759
Atlantic Slope, The. (Frag.) 858

Bactrian Camel for the Klondike. (Frag.) 136
Barr, M. W. Mental Defectives and the Social Welfare* 746
Bede, Chair of the Venerable. (Frag.) 283
Bees, Burrowing, The Nests of. (Frag.) 860
Bering Sea Controversy and the Scientific Expert. G. A. Clark 654
Biological Survey, The United States. (Frag.) 856
Blackford, Charles Minor, Jr. Soils and Fertilizers 392
Blake, I. W. Our Florida Alligator* 330
Bombardment, The Great. C. F. Holder* 506
Books Noticed 126
Books Noticed 274
Books Noticed 415
Books Noticed 559
Books Noticed 704
Books Noticed 845
Agriculture. Michigan Board, Thirty-fifth Annual Report of 423
Alexander, A. Theories of the Will in the History of Philosophy 566
Andrews, C. M. The Historical Development of Modern Europe 126
Anthropology. Indians of Northern British Columbia, Facial Paintings of. F. Boas 710
Archæology, Introduction to the Study of North American. C. Thomas 420
Arthur and Trembly. Living Plants and their Properties 564
Astronomy, A Text-Book of Geodetic. J. F. Hayford 129
—  Corona and Coronet. M. L. Todd 418
—  Earth and Sky, The. E. S. Holden 850
—  Tides, The. G. H. Darwin 705