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Books noticed: PAGE
Bailey, L. H. Evolution of our Native Fruits 704
Baldwin, J. M. The Story of the Mind 565
Barnes, C. R. Form and Function of Plant Life 277
Barra. Eduardo de la. Literatura arcaica 280
Beauchamp, W. M. Polished-Stone Articles used by New York Aborigines before and during European Occupation 279
Beddard, F. E. Elementary Zoölogy 706
Béker, G. A. Rrimas 280
Binet, Alfred. L'Année Psychologique 129
Björling, P. R. Mechanical Engineer's Pocketbook 132
Boas, Franz. Facial Paintings of the Indians of Northern British Columbia 710
Bolton, H. C. Catalogue of Scientific and Technical Periodicals (1665-1895) 566
Botany. Familiar Life in Field and Forest. F. S. Mathews 418
— Fossil Plants. A. C. Seward 127
— Fruits, The Evolution of our Native. L. H. Bailey 704
— Function and Forme of Plant Life. C. R. Barnes 277
— Les Végétaux et les Milieux Cosmiques 132
— Living Plants and their Properties. Arthur and Trembly 564
— Practical Plant Physiology 128
Brain Weight, Indexes of. McCurdy and Mohyliansky 709
Brush, George J. Manual of Determinative Mineralogy 707
Butler, Amos W. The Birds of Indiana 422
Carus-Wilson, C. A. Electro-Dynamics 277
Catalogue of Scientific and Technical Periodicals (1665-1895). H. C. Bolton 566
Chemical Analysis, Manual of. G. S. Newth 708
Chemistry. Inorganic according to the Periodic Law. Venable and Howe 567
— Qualitative Analysis. E. A. Congdon 567
— Short Manual of Analytical. John Muter 419
Clark, William J. Commercial Cuba 564
Conant, F. S. Biographical Pamphlet 132
Congdon, E. A. Brief Course in Qualitative Analysis 567
Cornelius, Hans. Psychologie als Erfahrungs-wissenschaft 850
Costantin, M. J. Les Végétaux et les Milieux Cosmiques 132
Creighton, J. E. An Introductory Logic 706
Crook, J. W. History of German Wage Theories 708
Cuba, Commercial. William J. Clark 564
Dana, E. S. Text-Book of Mineralogy 848
Dana, James D. Revised Text-Book of Geology 418
Darwin, George Howard. The Tides 705
Davis, H. S. Star Catalogues 280
Day. D. T. Mineral Resources of the United States 852
Detmer, W. Practical Plant Physiology 128
Drey, Sylvan. A Theory of Life 280
Earthquakes of the Pacific Coast. E. S. Holden 850
Economics. Commercial Cuba. William J. Clark 564
— German Wage Theories, History of. J. W. Crook 708
— Public Administration in Massachusetts. R. H. Whitten 422
Education. Greek Prose. H. C. Pearson 708
— Handbook of Nature Study for Elementary Schools 130
— Harold's Rambles. J. W. Troeger 567
— On a Farm. N. L. Helm 423
— United States Commissioner's Report for 1896-'97 852
Electricity. Electro-Dynamics. C. A. Carus-Wilson 277
— Industrial. A. G. Elliott 132
— The Discharge of, through Gases. J. J. Thomson 565
— The Storage Battery. A. Treadwell 421
Elliott, A. G. Industrial Electricity 132
Engineering. Mechanical Engineer's Pocketbook 132
Ethnology. Explorations in Honduras. G. B. Gordon 133
Forestry. American Woods. R. B. Hough 276
— Conditions in Wisconsin. F. Noth 709
Geikie, James. Earth Sculpture 845
Geography. Natural Advanced. Redway and Hinman 421
— Philippine Islands and their People. D. C. Worcester 415
— Physical, of New Jersey. R. D. Salisbury 422
Geological Bulletin, Part H, Vol. Ill, of the University of Upsala 280
Geological Survey of Kansas. Vol. IV S. W. Williston 709
Geology. Earth Sculpture. James Geikie 845
— Indiana, Twenty-second Annual Report of Department of 852
— Indian Territory, Reconnaissance of Coal Fields of. N. F. Drake 852
— Iowa Survey. Eighth volume 851
— Mineralogy, Manual of Determinative 707
— Mineralogy, Text-Book of. E. S. Dana 848
— Mineral Resources of the United States. D. T. Day 852
— New Jersey State Report for 1897 851
— Panama, Geological History of the Isthmus of. R. T. Hill 851
— Text-Book of. J. D. Dana 418