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Books noticed: PAGE
Giddings, Franklin H. Elements of Sociology 559
Goldman, Henry. The Arithmetician 279
Goode, G. B. Report of United States National Museum for 1895 710
Gordon, G. B. Ethnological Explorations in Honduras 133
Groos, Karl. The Play of Animals 274
Harris, Edith D. Story of Rob Roy 709
Hayford, J. F. Text-Book of Geodetic Astronomy 129
Helm, Nellie Lathrop. On a Farm 423
Hill, R. T. Geological History of the Isthmus of Panama 851
History. Commune, The. Lissagaray. Translated by E. M. Aveling 423
— Europe, The Historical Development of Modern. C. M. Andrews 126
— Napoleon III and his Court. Imbert de Saint-Amand 422
— Reader for Elementary Schools. L. L. W. Wilson 853
— Spanish Literature. J. Fitzmaurice-Kelly 275
Hoffman, F. S. The Sphere of Science 128
Holden, E. S. Earthquakes of the Pacific Coast, 1769-1897 850
— The Earth and Sky 850
Holyoake, G. J. Jubilee History of the Leeds Cooperative Society 849
Hough, R. B. American Woods 276
Iowa State University Bulletin, Vol. IV, No. 3 279
James, William. Human Immortality 708
Jayne, Horace. The Mammalian Anatomy of the Cat 278
Jordan, D. S. Lest we Forget 568
Keyser, L. S. News from the Birds 567
Lambert, R. A. Differential and Integral Calculus 421
Lange, D. Handbook of Nature Study for Elementary Schools 130
Lantern Land, In. (Monthly.) Allen and Carleton 708
Le Bon, Gustave. The Psychology of Peoples 847
Leeds Industrial Cooperative Society, Jubilee History of. G. J. Holyoake 849
Library Bulletin, No. 9, New York State 133
Lissagaray. History of the Commune. Translated by E. M. Aveling 423
Logic, An Introductory. J. E. Creighton 706
Lyte, E. O. Elementary English 279
McConachie, L. G. Congressional Committees 131
Mathematics. Differential and Integral Calculus. R. A. Lambert 421
— Infinitesimal Analysis. William B. Smith 849
— Lectures on the Geometry of Position. T. R. Reye Translated 419
Mathews, F. Schuyler. Familiar Life in Field and Forest 418
Maurice-Kelly, James Fitz. History of Spanish Literature 275
Meteorology. Wind Deposits, Mechanical Composition of. J. A. Udden 853
Mills, Wesley. Nature and Development of Animal Intelligence 562
Mivart, St. George. The Groundwork of Science 563
Music, A Short Course in. Ripley and Tupper 133
Muter, John. Manual of Analytical Chemistry 419
Natural History. Animal Intelligence, Nature and Development of. Wesley Mills 562
— Birds, News from the. L. S. Keyser 567
— Birds of Indiana 422
— Four-footed Americans and their Kin. M. O. Wright 563
— Solitary Wasps, Habits of. G. W. and E. P. Peckham 851
— Taxidermy, The Art of. John Rowley 420
— Wild Animals I have Known. E. S. Thompson 417
Newth, G. S. Manual of Chemical Analysis 708
Ornithology. How to Name the Birds. H. E. Parkhurst 131
Overton, Frank. Physiology, Applied 277
— Physiology for Advanced Grades 566
Paleontology. Fossil Plants. A. C. Seward 127
Parkhurst, H. E. How to Name the Birds 131
Pearson, H. C. Greek Prose 708
Peckham, G. W. and E. P. Habits of the Solitary Wasps 851
Philosophy. Immortality, Human. William James 708
Physiology, Applied. Frank Overton 277
— Applied, for Advanced Grades. F. Overton 566
Psychology. Child, The Study of the. A. R. Taylor 564
— L'Année Psychologique 129
— Mind, The Story of the. J. M. Baldwin 565
— of Peoples. G. Le Bon 847
— Play of Animals, The. Karl Groos 274
— Psychologie als Erfahrungs-wissenschaft. Hans Cornelius 850
— Will, Theories of the, in the History of Philosophy. A. Alexander 566
Quinn, D. A. Stenotypy. Second edition 279
Redway, J. W., and Hinman K. Natural Advanced Geography 421
Reye, Theodor R. Lectures on the Geometry of Position. Translated 419
Rice, W., and Eastman Barrett. Under the Stars, and Other Verses 134
Richter, J. P. F. Selections from the Works of 279