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Books noticed: PAGE
Ripley, F. H., and Tupper, T. A Short Course in Music 133
Rollin, H. J. Yetta Ségal 278
Rowley, John. The Art of Taxidermy 420
Saint-Amand, Imbert de. Napoleon III and his Court 422
Salisbury, Rollin D. Physical Geography of New Jersey 422
Science, Groundwork of, The. St. George Mivart 563
—  Sphere of. F. S. Hoffman 128
Seward, A. C. Fossil Plants 127
Smith, William B. Infinitesimal Analysis 849
Sociology. Congressional Committees. L. G. McConachie 131
—  Currency Problems of the United States in 1897-'98. A. B. Stickney 133
—  Elements of. F. H. Giddings 559
—  The State. W. Wilson 130
—  Workers, The. W. A. Wyckoff 707
Stickney, A. B. Currency Problem of the United States in 1897-'98 133
Still, A. Alternating Currents and the Theory of Transformers 133
Story of the Railroad, The. Cy Warman 848
Taylor, A. R. The Study of the Child 564
Thomas, C. Introduction to North American Archæology 129
Thompson, Ernest Seton. Wild Animals I have Known 417
Thomson, J. J. The Discharge of Electricity through Gases 565
Todd, Mabel L. Corona and Coronet 418
Treadwell, Augustus. The Storage Battery 421
Troeger, John W. Harold's Rambles 567
Udden, J. A. Mechanical Composition of Wind Deposits 853
United States National Museum, Report of, for 1895 710
Venable and Howe. Inorganic Chemistry according to the Periodic Law 567
Waring, George E., Jr. Street-Cleaning Methods in European Cities 131
Warman, Cy. Story of the Railroad 848
Whitten, Robert H. Public Administration in Massachusetts 422
Wilson, L. L. W. History Reader for Elementary Schools 853
Wilson, Woodrow. The State 130
Winter, H. L. Notes on Criminal Anthropology 280
Worcester, Dean C. The Philippine Islands and their People 415
Wright, Mabel Osgood. Four-footed Americans and their Kin 563
Wyckoff, W. A. The Workers 707
Zoölogy, Elementary. E. E. Beddard 706
Botany. English Names for Plants. (Frag.) 428
"Forest Planting on the Plains. (Frag.) 718
"Light and Vegetation. D. T. MacDougall 193
"Plant Characters, Changes in. (Frag.) 286
"Poisonous Plants. (Frag.) 855
"Seeds, Dispersal of. (Frag.) 715
Boyer, M. J. Sketch of Clemence Royer. (With Portrait) 690
Brain Weights and Intellectual Capacity. J. Simms 243
Brooks, William Keith. Mivart's Groundwork of Science 450
Bullen, Frank T. Life on a South Sea Whaler 818

Canada, The Interior of. (Frag.) 141
Catbird, The Coming of the. S. Trotter 772
Causses of Southern France, The. (Frag.) 138
Cereals in the United States. Distribution of. (Frag.) 859
Clarke, F. W. Sketch. With Portrait) 110
Clark, George A. The Scientific Expert and the Bering Sea Controversy 654
Climatic Evolution, Laws of. (Frag.) 855
Collier, J. The Evolution of Colonies 52
Collier, J. The Evolution of Colonies 289
Collier, J. The Evolution of Colonies 577
Colonies, The Evolution of. J. Collier 52
Colonies, The Evolution of. J. Collier 289
Colonies, The Evolution of. J. Collier 577
Commensals. (Frag.) 716
Cooking Schools in Philadelphia. (Frag.) 428
Cordillera Region of Canada. (Frag.) 283
Cram, W. E. Concerning Weasels* 786
Criminology. California Penal System. C. H. Shinn* 644