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I N D E X.

Academies, International Association of 665
Academy, National, Retiring President of 219
""Work of the 219
Adirondacks, Birds of the, George Chahoon 40
Agassiz's Investigations on Coral Islands 103
Agriculture, U. S. Department of, Appropriations for 335
Air, Liquid 102
Air-Ship, Count Zeppelin's 559
Aluminum, How it is Made 104
American Association 220
""President of the 332
""New York Meeting of 332
""Address of the Retiring President 442
""President of New York Meeting 442
""Proceedings 444
""Officers 446
""Meetings of the, M. E. D. Trowbridge 660
Animals Helping One Another 107
Anthropology 217
Anthropology 445
Anthropometry 445
Appropriations for the U. S. Department of Agriculture 335
Argyll, Duke of, Death of 223
Assembly, International 220
Association, American 220
""President of the 332
""Address of the Retiring President 442
""President of New York Meeting 442
""Proceedings 444
""Officers 446
""Meetings of the, M. E. D. Trowbridge 660
""British, French and German 664
Atkinson, Edward, Mental Energy 632
Atkinson's Lessons in Botany 215
Automatism, Mental 662
Automobiles, Evolution and Present Status of, William Baxter, Jr. 406
"Steam 406
"Electric 479
"Gasoline 593

Barisal Guns 105
Barnes's Outlines of Plant Life 215
Baxter, Jr., William, The Evolution and Present Status of the Automobile, Steam 406
""Electric Automobiles 479
""Gasoline Automobiles 593
Beach on the Marine Mollusca of Cold Spring Harbor 106
Beagle, The Fate of the, V. Marshall Law 86
Bertrand, Joseph, Death of 222
Bigelow, Frank H., The Coming Total Eclipse of the Sun 1
Biltz on Molecular Weights 213
Biographical Sketch of an Infant, Charles Darwin 197
Biological, Lectures from the Marine Laboratory at Wood's Holl 329
"Laboratories, Marine 555
Biologique, L'Année 551
Biology 329
Birds, as Flying Machines, Frederic A. Lucas 473
"of the Adirondacks, George Chahoon 40
Blind Fishes, Structure of 48
""Causes of Degeneration in, Carl H. Eigenmann 397
Boas, Franz, Religious Beliefs of the Central Eskimo 624
Bolton, Henry Carrington, New Sources of Light and of Röntgen Rays 318
Bootblack, A Mechanical 105
Botanical Garden, The New York, D. T. Macdougal 171
Botany 215
Botany 328
British Association 664
Address of the President before the, Sir William Turner 561
Bruncken's North American Forests and Forestry 216
Bubble-blowing Insect, E. S. Morse 23
Bubonic Plague, Frederick G. Novy 576

Catalogue of Scientific Literature 448
Catalogue of Scientific Literature 558
Chahoon, George, Birds of the Adirondacks 40
Chapman's Bird Studies with a Camera 440
Character, National, and Scientific Study, Albert B. Crowe 90
Chemical, Fertilization 223
Research, Recent, Some Phases of the Earth's Development in the Light of, Edward Renouf 295
Chemistry 213
"A Hundred Years of, F. W. Clarke 59
Chewing Gum Habit, Antiquity of. Robert E. C. Stearns 549
City, The Most Expensive in the World. Bird S. Coler 16