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Quadrupeds, The Dawn of. in North America, Roy L. Moodie 558

Race, How shall we improve our Race? Gustave Michaud 75
Railway Accidents and the Color Sense, George M. Stratton 244
Resemblances, Accidental among Animals, a Chapter in Unnatural History, Bashford Dean 304
Respiration of an Inland Lake, E. A. Birge 337
Road, The Rule of the, George M. Gould 52
Roberts, Anna Monsch, The Problem of International Speech 153
Rule of the Road, George M. Gould 52

Salton Sea. Vegetation of the 476
Sargent, Anniversary Medal of 571
Schools, Technical, The Influence of, John J. Stevenson 253
Science, America's Contributions to 285
"The History of—an Interpretation, C. R. Mann 313
"The Popularization of 382
"The Progress of 91
"The Progress of 187
"The Progress of 283
"The Progress of 380
"The Progress of 475
"The Progress of 567
Sciences, National Academy of, and the American Philosophical Society 567
Scientific, Societies, Learned, and the Institute of France, Edward F. Williams 5
"Items 96
"Items 192
"Items 288
"Items 384
"Items 479
"Items 571
"Men at the Meeting of the American Association 287
Sears, Alfred F., German Influence in Latin America 140
Soil of the Earth, Spencer Trotter 420
Speech, International, The Problem of, Anna Monsch Roberts 153
Springs as a Geographic Influence of Humid Climates, Frank Carney 503
State Universities and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching 475
Statue of Joseph Leidy 94
Stevenson, John J., The Influence of Technical Schools 253
Strachey, Sir Robert 382
Sun and the Earth, Coincident Activities of, Ellsworth Huntington 492
Stratton, George M., Railway Accidents and the Color Sense 244
Swift, Edgar James, Man's Educational Reconstruction of Nature 269

Teaching, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of, and the State Universities 475
Technical Schools, the Influence of, John J. Stevenson 253
Tenancy. Farm, A Problem in American Agriculture, Homer C. Price 40
Testimony, Should Psychology Supervise, Fabian Franklin 465
Transmutations, Some Recent. Charles Baskerville 46
Trotter, Spencer, Of the Soil of the Earth 420

Unnatural History, Accidental Resemblances among Animals, a Chapter in, Bashford Dean 304
Universities, State, and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching 475

Vegetation of the Salton Sea 476
Vertebrates, Marine, the Conservation of the Great, Imminent Destruction of the Wealth of the Seas, G. R. Wieland 425

Wagenen, Van. Theodore F., Gold 65
Waterways, Inland. W J McGee 289
Webster, Arthur Gordon, Intellectual Product of America 193
Wenley, R. M., The Movement towards Physiological Psychology 481
Whiter Pittsburgh, John F. Cargill 431
Wieland, G. R., The Conservation of the Great Marine Vertebrates—Imminent Destruction of the Wealth of the Seas 425
Williams, Edward F., The Institute of France and Other Learned Scientific Societies 5
Winchell, Horace V., The Genesis of Ores in the Light of Modern Theory 534