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��from any spot, but they must not grasp the rope. Taking more than two swings constitutes a trial. In other respects the rules for the pole vault govern.

The adjustable vaulting

/ | ; , bar is used for the fence

/ )• vault. A gymnasium mat-

! £ tress is suspended from the

& bar, which serves as the

lower part of the fence. The

vaulter stands facing the bar,

���bar. Thus the vaulter's feet may swing under the bar in the act of springing and pulling up over it.

The ring vault is done with the flying rings as follows: The under side of the rings in a hanging position must be not higher than 6 ft. 3 in. from the floor.

The jumping stands are placed in front of the rings in such a position that when the cross-bar is at 8 ft., the under part of the ring when stretched taut will just touch the top of the bar, and then the


��A mattress hung on the bar for a fence

grasps it with hands about 8 in. apart and then springs and pulls upward to a bent position over the bar, with elbows firmly pressed against the trunk, hips well up, feet on the near side, and head on the far side of the bar. He then straightens his legs to a momen- tary bent-arm hand balance and then dis- mounts to the mat with a quarter turn.

In making the spring, his feet must not leave the floor more than once. There must be no stop in the motion of the trunk until the floor is reached. No part of the person may touch the suspended mattress, and no part of the person, ex- cepting the hands, shall touch the bar. The head must not be carried below the lower surface of the bar. In all other respects the rules governing the running high jump apply.

The one-hand fence vault is the same as the two-hand vault except for the obvious fact that only one hand is allowed on the bar.

The bar vault is like the fence vault except that no mat is suspended from the

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��The bar vault is like the fence vault except that no mattress is suspended from the bar, making free passage for the vaulter's feet to swing underneath in pulling over the bar

����Only one hand is allowed on the bar, but the vault is made like the two-hand vault

standards must be moved forward away from the rings 1 ft. At each additional

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