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While the maſks amuſe themſelves with dancing, Octavio makes love to Juliet. Juliet is the daughter of Antonio; and Octavio, the ſon of Theobald. Theſe two old gentlemen, who are the heads of the Capulet faction, come forward, and declare, they ſhould both be charmed to ſee their children ſmitten with each other, becauſe they propoſe to make a match between them. Things don't ſucceed quite to their mind. Octavio falls in love with Juliet, but Juliet does not like Octavio, and contents herſelf with returning him a polite anſwer.

Anſelmo, Romeo and Marino, mix with the reſt of the company: all three are maſked; Marino, in a groteſque character; the other two in very genteel dreſſes.

The extreme beauty of Juliet ſtrikes Romeo; he eyes her with looks of tenderneſs, is confounded, and takes off his maſk. Antonio, who immediately knows him, ſays, in private to Theobald, "What a piece of impudence! Romeo, in my houſe!"


Don't put yourſelf in a paſſion; condeſcend to hear me a moment.


What would you have me hear? I am tranſported with fury.