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Through General Almonte of the joy
As well as of the weight of obligation,
Bestowed upon me by your favor's grace.
Still I rejoice, that by your presence here
I am allowed so early an occasion
Self to express my thankfulness, a pleasure
Which deputies and interval of time
Will oft divest of half its value's charms.
I must confess, that after our discourse,
Revealing, as it did, the yawning gulf
That lies between our innermost convictions.
My hope was faint, to see my prayer fulfilled.
Diversity of views too oft engenders
In e'en the best, aversion of the heart.
It is the mark of generosity,
Of highest liberality to keep
The sentiments of heart and mind apart
And to accord its due to each of them.
Therefore allow me now to reinforce
The weak expression of my thankfulness
By the apology for my mistake.

Santa Anna.

As oft a flattering gift will honor more
The donor's heart which swells with gratitude.
Unselfish, freely given, than the receiver's,
Whose merit after all is doubtful,—so
The praise, Miss Bradburn, you conferred on me