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In presenting this book on DAINTY SWEETS to the public, we feel that we are presenting the most complete authorative and up-to-date book ever prepared on the subject. The contributors being the finest chefs in the United States, Canada and Europe insure every recipe shown as right. These world famous chefs have given us their special recipes and they have made the explanations so plain and so complete that any one can readily understand them.

The great chefs who have prepared these recipes for us have all made cooking their life work and have been apprenticed under the finest and most practical teachers in the culinary lines in this country and abroad. A large portion of the copy has been translated from the French. The finest chefs are generally the French or Swiss. They are not literary men; their language is not flowery, but we know that even with the difficulty that exists in expressing in English many of the French terms that the work as a whole will be easily understood and greatly appreciated.

This is the first time in history that such a wonderful collection of recipes has been made obtainable for general use. These men are giving, in these recipes, their "professional secrets." The calibre of the men who have prepared these recipes is as great and represents as much as the great masters in other lines of the world's work. Napoleon Bonaparte was a great general; Shakespeare, a great author; George Washington, a wonderful statesman; and Thomas Edison, a masterful inventor; but we feel that the master chefs represented here are to be considered just as great and doing just as much of the world's work as any of the famous men we have all been taught to revere and respect.

The International Cooking Library, covering in ten volumes, every conceivable part, section or angle of the cooking question makes