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1006 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 141. 1915. including the extra services of employees and the services of additional bgmployees under the Librarian, $10,000, or so much thereof as ¤¤·•¤• ¤¤ 1·¤>·¤v- mllacnnllsn oignnr or Coneauss: For purchase of books for the Library, and forfreight, commissions, andtraveling expenses, and all mP¤*°*•·¤· °' *>°°*¤» other expenses mc1 ental to the acq\us1tion of books by fgigrchase, gift, bequest, or exchange, to contmue available during the al year nineteen hundred and seventeen, $90,000, wher with the imexpended balance of the sum appropriated for object for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and teen; _ _ _

  • 4* *>°°”· For purchase; <;{1boé>lksfa.§id for pesiggicziggals for the law library, under

th d1rec` tiono e 'e ustice · C,,E§.’,°_” '°' °“*"°“‘° llor purchase of new books of referench for the Supreme Court, to be a giart of the Library of Congess, and pmchased by the_ marshal of the upreme Court, under the direction of the Chief Justice, $2,000; P¤·¤¤d¤·¤¤¤- ¥`I;n;1Hu1-chase of miscellaneous periodicals and newspapers, $5,000; $100 000. ¤¤¤¤¤¢·¤¢ ¤v·¤••·- Conrinesxr mxrmzsms: For miscellaneous and conutiszgent expenses, stationery, su phes, stock and materials directly p _ ased, miscellaneous traveling expenses, postage, transportation, mcidental ex- Egnses conggzte with the adm1mstrat1<;n off the Library {and tlae yr1gh` thee in ud1ng° not exceeding` 500 or expenses o tten - a}i¢?ialatig;)eetingsv;·lI1en incurred on the written authority and diaiection o e rarian 300. ,,,,,m·¤,,, salary superm o un s "g°“¤····;~—·md:·ii·': L“‘§.?“.§§““l"’“l.?.’3'§¤‘Z”?‘Zf2’iit?Z.‘§?i.i3¥1°“di¤d°“g.Ea§§‘°’.1'§‘dh'?.‘i1° ¤¤?_:;_°;“_ from and after the passage of this Act, be at the rate of $3,000 per an; am, p. use. num, and the amount appropriated for the salary of said siépermtendent for the balance of the fiscal year nmeteen hundred and teen shall be available for the payment of said salary at the rate of $3,000 per annum; clerks—one $2,000, one $1,600, one $1,400, one $1,000; messenger assistant messenger; telephone switchboard operator; assistant telephone switchboard operator; captam of watc , $1,400; lieutenant of watch, $1,000; SIXEOBB watchman, at $900 eachi carpenter, pglnter, and foreman of laborerzijat $900 each; fourteen aborers, at 0 each; two attendants in l es room, at $480 each; four check boys, at $360 each; mistress of charwomen, $425; assistant mistress of charwomen, $300; fifty-eight charwomen; chief engineer, $1,500; amxstant engmeers—one $1,200, three at $900 each ; electrician,$1,500 ; machm1sts—one $1,000, one $900; two mremen, at $900 each; plumber, $900; three elevator conductors, and ten skilled laborers, sud. at $720 each; in all, $76,845. _ _ ’°’°“’“" For extra services of em‘plc;yees and additional employees under_ the superintendent to 5?;vi e or the opening of the Library Building fizvm zo ten o' k postmeridian on Sundays and egal holi- °°“""*‘*"""‘· Err fiiel, lights, repairs, miscellaneous supplies, electric steam g‘Hpa.ratus, city directory, stationery, ma11 and delivery service, and mc1der}tal eggeunlses in cognectionl with the custody, care, and mamtenance o said ding an un s, $14,000. 1°""‘""'°· °*°‘ For furniture, including patigions, screens, shelving, and electrical work pertaimng thereto, mcluding not exceeding $7,000 for the extension and completion of the steel stack for sto e of catalogue . . ***8 cards in the card section, $17,000. ”°*•¤’°G·*°·*~ soramc GARDEN.

 *-" For superintendent, $1,800.

C°For and labtgrgséougider the direction of the Joint Library ,,,§,$,§,$,§_ "“" *"" For p manure, soil, tools, fuel, trees, shrubs, plants, and see ; and for services, materialg, and miscellaneous sup-