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1014 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 141. 1915. SMP ¤¢•¤¤· For stamp agents-—one $1,600, one $900; counter, $900; in all. $3,400, the same to be reimbursed b the stamp manufacturers. cmu or com Omron or rm: CoAs·r GUARDZ Tivo chiefs of division, at $3,000 °‘_H,§E,p_8m_ each; two assistant chiefs of division, at $2,200 each; title and contract clerk $2,000; law and contract clerk, $1,800 and $200 additional while the ofrice is held by the present incumbent; topographer and hydmgapher, $1,800; civil engmeer $2,250; draftsman, $1,500; cler —four of class four, mne of class three, five of class two, eight of class one, seven at $1,000 each, five at_ $900 each; two messengers; assistant messengers; two laborers; m all, $73,370. Skilled dnrumm. The services of skilled draftsmen, and such other technical services °°°' as the Secretary of the Treasury may deem necessa.ry_may be employed only in the office of the Coast Guard m connection with 4¤a,p.a¤. the construction and repair- of Coast Guard cutters, to be paid from nom. the a priation "Repairs to Coast Guard Cutters": Provided, L"'“*·°“’· That tEe·e nditures on this account for the fiscal year nineteen hundred anliixsixteen shall not exceed $3,400. A statement of the persons em loyed hereunder, their duties, and the compensation paid to each, shall be made to Congress each year III the annual estimates. sugmmgmarrm- BUREAU or Enemvmo AND PRINTING: Director, $6,000; assistant “' "”°" director, $3,500; chief of division of assignments and rev1ews,$3,000; chief clerk, $2,500; disbursing agent, $2,400; medical and samtary officer, $2,000; stenographcr $1,800· storekeeper, $1,600; assistant etorekeeper, $1,000; clerk in charge of purchases and suxpplies, $2,000; clerks—one of class four, six of class three, nine of ass two, nine of class one, eight at $1,000 each, ten at $900 each, six at $840 each, fifteen at $780 each; nine attendants, at $600 each; helperstwo at $900 each, two at $720 each, two at $600 each; three messengers; seven assistant messengers; captain of the watch, $1,400; two lieutenants of the watch, at $900 each; sixty watchmen; two forewomen of charwomen, at $540 each; twenty-five day charwomen, at $400 each; seventy-seven morning and eveningxchan women, at $300 each; foreman of laborers, $900; four la rers; mmaou paying me eighty-five laborers, at $540 each; in all, $241 760; and no other ""‘°°‘ fund agpropriated by this or any other Act shall be used for services in the ureau of and Printing, of the character sgiecihed in this paragigrph, except in cases of emergency arising a ter the géazsage of t Act, and, then only on the written approval of the retary of the Treasury, and in every such case o emergency a detailed statement of the expenditures on acconmt thereof shall be regorted to Congress at the beginnixyg of each regular session. sms: samnm- ECRET Smrvrcm Drvrsrom Chic , $4,000; assistant chief who '*°"‘ shall disch the duties of chief clerk, $3,000; clerks—one of class four, one om three, two of class two, one of class one, one $1,000; assistant messenger; in all, $16,120. mopmter mmm cl Orrrcn or- Dmmcren or rms Mmm: Director, $5,000; examiner, ‘ $3,000; computer and adjuster of accounts, $2,500; assayer, $2,200; clerks-two of class four, two of class three, one of class one; private secretary, $1,400; assistant in laboratory, $1,200; messenger; assistant messenger; skilled laborer, $720; in all, $25,580. Frans. For freight on bullion and coin, by registered mail or otherwise, between mints and assay offices, $25,000. °°¤**¤¢¤¤°¤P¤¤¤· For contingent expenses of the Bureau of the Mint, to be expended under the direction of the director: For assay laboratory chemicals, fuel, materials, balances, weights, and other necessaries, including xksgggoamphlets, periodicals, specimens of coins, ores, and inciden-